Thursday, October 18, 2012

Will a cigarette butt cost you $100?

This will cost you $100 in West Chester, PA
The borough of West Chester, PA just got serious with cigarette butt litter and has passed a resolution to impose $100 fines for improper disposal.  With the challenges faced here in our town, the time may be near to follow West Chester's lead and consider a similar ordinance.

It's great that we have a recent volunteer group who has been dedicated towards cleaning up discarded butts, but that doesn't address the cause.  It's time people bear the responsibility for creating the problem in the first place and the consequence of a stiff fine is a good start.  

Just making a resolution isn't enough, it'll need to be effectively communicated to make a real impact.  Enforcing something like this isn't easy, but people need to know it's not acceptable. People tend to litter when they see litter and that seems to be a never ending cycle for cigarette butts.  Kudos to West Chester for taking their streets back.   Let's see if Media does the same.

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