Saturday, November 3, 2012

Delaware County gets ready for Election Day! Consider helping out

Volunteers gather for instruction on operating polling location.
I swung by the County Courthouse today to check out preparations for upcoming election day and sit in on one of the classes they provide for election officials.  The classes are provided the Saturday before election day and go over machine operation and procedures for running a polling place.  With many volunteers throughout the county, these sessions are packed and provide excellent instructions for attendees. 

One thing I notice at these sessions is the noticeable majority of elderly people who volunteer to help out.  I looked around and saw that I might have been the youngest in a group of 50 to 60 people.........I'm not young!   

Instruction on voting machine operation.
As we're challenged with staffing out polls here in Media, I hope younger generations get involved with helping out.   Even to help your local polling place for two hours is really appreciated by the people who may spend 12 hours making sure people can vote.  There's plenty of work to go around whether it's helping with the operation of machines, checking names, or helping with many questions that can come up.

Consider working at your polling location.


  1. Tedman makes a great point here. Although my work schedule and rules don't allow me to take off on that day to help out with election stuff, I hope some folks can get out to help our elections work.

  2. Election Day should be a national holiday - it's incredible that some people don't vote.