Sunday, November 18, 2012

Media in Two Minutes - Sunday, November 18th 2012


On the verge of the holiday season, here we are again with another exciting episodode of Media in Two Minutes.  Thanks to the readers who enjoy the format and never let me forget if I miss a Sunday.

OK Let's GO!

10th Annual Jazz Fest
State St. Before the crowd arrives
I didn't attend but heard good things about last night's Jazz Fest on State Street.  I always thought this was the lesser of the three (Americana, Blues) in terms of attendance, but it certainly was a nice evening last night.  As easy as this looks to host and produce, it's not.  A special thanks to all those who volunteer and direct this event.  Regardless of who is playing, this series is always well organized and professionally conducted.  For a town like Media, we're lucky to have live entertainment like this.

To the right is a picture of State Street before the crowds arrived.

Recognition of our Vets
Media Vets (Photo by Mainline Magazine)
If you didn't catch the post earlier in the week about the photo shoot done by Main Line Magazine, here it is.  A little thought can have a tremendous impact:  My neighbor stopped me just yesterday to thank me for the article I did.  I told him it was a pleasure and that all our vets should be recognized.  It's the least I can do and am glad I can do it.

Today is Earth and State's last day to drop of food for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  They'll be taking drop-offs from 11am to 1pm today.   It's also the last day for the Plumstead Food Drive.  There will be a bunch of frozen turkeys dropped off to them at 11am today.

Thanksgiving EVE Jam @ Picasso's w/Jimmy Shoe and The Broozers
To kick off the Thanksgiving holiday Jimmy Shoe, The Broozer and many special guests will be playing at Picasso's on Wednesday Night 9pm to 1am

If you need to know if your train is running late and by how much, check out Septa's new BALDWIN.

As for the Good/Bad News; the has reported that Septa is in the process of extending the line out to Wawa.  Plans include the purchase of land from Middletown for construction of 600 car garage. Unfortunately, there is a ways to go yet with regard to the needed financing.  Perhaps a small step, but based on the article, it looks like Septa has this as a top priority.

A business to close on State Street
I've known this for sometime now, but looks like people are now openly discussing it.  I won't say which business it is, but it has been here for quite sometime and has a very desirable location. 

Third Street Bridge
There will be interesting news about this bridge next week.  It's unimaginable that as we approach 17 years, nothing has been started on a bridge that was fully financed to begin a year ago.  An all too familiar failure in Media government.  Results matter, as does borough officials showing up for work.

Media, PA 2012 Leaf Schedule:

I just want to take a minute to recognize the great job done by the Media Highway Department.  Along with the help of the contractors, the decorations look GREAT on State Street.  Believe me, people notice!


  1. what business is closing?

  2. I am thinking Zac's Hamburgers is closing before end of November. So I have heard...

  3. Today (Monday) in Media Patch:
    Way to go, RTM!!! You are correct correct correct! Tedman if this link doesn't come through please post for your readers......just so we know if any Media council members call the board in protest again LOL.

  4. If by chance it is Zac's Hamburgers that is closing would be awesome if it were replaced by a Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

  5. Why is RTM school board chiming in on community issues? Oh yeah they are a bunch of conservatively minded shenanigans.