Sunday, November 18, 2012

Santa Arrives on November 23rd, but not on State St.

Santa to arrive at courthouse this year.  But why?

Santa's arrival is still on for November 23rd, but not on State Street.  WHAT? I was actually surprised how many people can up to me late this afternoon asking why this was changed to now be held at the courthouse.  For as long as I can remember this was always done on State Street to showcase the Christmas tree and lights.  To be honest, I don't know why the venue was changed.

The subsequent question that followed was whether the New Year's Eve ball drop will still be on State Street at the corner of Jackson and State.  Truthfully, I've not heard anything to lead me believe it won't, but I'll get an answer tomorrow.



  1. Let's see what kind of community member Spasso's turns out to be. Pure speculation but now that the location is privately owned, the owners of Spasso would not likely want to give up a night of revenue just to host Santa. The restaurant business has tight margins so this is understandable and should not be held against them. As for New Year's Eve, however, Spasso's really should take advantage of the free publicity and allow the ball drop to happen at their location.

  2. Not sure I follow your thought, but I would think having Santa arrive right in front of the building would be a great attraction. I know we spent time in Iron Hill a few years ago waiting (my wife and I and her father). We had a bite to eat and some cocktails.

  3. The thought process being that in prior years, Santa climbed the front steps of the building (now Spasso's) and the choir set up directly in front of the entrance. Even if Santa and choir were moved to the deck next to the entrance, the crowds would likely block access to Spasso. Since New Year's Eve events take place after closing time, Spasso would likely have less of a problem allowing the building to be used for the ball drop.