Monday, December 3, 2012

Are there any payphones left in Media?

Not working, but still out there

These days, I have no idea how much it is to make a call on a payphone and probably couldn't find one if I had to. However,  that doesn't mean they are not out there.  Ok, they are not in working order and have most likely been disconnected awhile ago, but Media has at least two payphones still hanging around.  Much like the intricate metal fire escapes that adorned many buildings in town, the payphone has gone by the wayside.  As for an actual phone both that you stepped in and closed the door, the last one had to have been located on the corner of Front and N. Olive St.  It was removed a few years ago.

So if you want to participate in a little Media history, listen up.  I have two locations in mind of where there are non-working payphones.  If you can tell me where they are, or other verifiable locations in the borough, I’ll provide a $25 gift certificate for breakfast at Fast and Fancy on State St. 

Oh, and if you come across one that is working, I’d be interested in how much costs these days to make a call.

Post your answer either here as a comment or on Facebook.  Whoever can correctly name the two I'm thinking of, wins.  (hint: they are both inside buildings)


  1. One used to be on corner of baker and Monroe by Johns Grille. Winner winner?

  2. One used to be (is?) at the curb of the municipal lot on Front and Olive.

  3. Nope, those don't count. One of the two I was thinking of was correctly identified by a person on FB. That one is located in the Media Mall.

  4. There used to be one each inside Johns Grille and The Plumstead.

  5. Police station???

  6. This is Kent's fault. If he hadn't invented the cell phone this would never have happened.