Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2, 2012 - Media in Two Minutes

It's Media, PA in two minutes.....this week's run down of what's going on around town.

Christmas Decorations in Media look great!
A sincere thanks everyone who puts forth the effort to decorate for Christmas.  The town looks great and State Street really shines.  Spasso's, Plumstead Inn, Sligo, Kenny's Flowers, Starry Eyed Optical and a host of other stores are certainly in the spirit and it shows.

Starry Eyed Optical - Storefront on State St.
Zac's Hamburgers on State Street closes
I've been hearing recently from a few people who think Media may have reached a saturation point with restaurants and bars.  I'm not sure this is why Zac's left town, but does raise an interested topic.  Can Media and the surrounding communities support State Street's bar and restaurants?  Especially in this economy? 

Unfortunately, It looks like there will be another closing on State Street shortly after the New Year. 

My Three Sons Hot Dogs on State Street
Well, I suppose when one store closes another opens, but when?  I thought by now My Three Sons Hot Dogs would have been opened.  From questions I get, others thought so too. 

Looks like major construction is going on at their store, so I'm under the impression it'll be open sometime this month.  I don't know much more than that.

Media Candlelight Holiday House Tour - December 8, 2012 2 to 7pm

I've never been, but hear this is a very good event. 

Third Street Bridge
There's nothing moving here.  It looks like this will be brought back to Judge Proud later this year or early next.  A lot of comments over the lack of progress and ability.

$2.5 million for a new Media-Upper Providence Library?

I haven't yet come up to speed on this project, but I'll share what I know in the coming weeks. Based on a conversation I had last night with a person close to the matter, the money is going to be a lot harder to come by then people think.  If I heard correctly that Media Borough committed $200k, than I hope council has a comprehensive, itemized list of what this money is being spent on.

Rendering of proposed Media Upper Providence Library

For your last minute Christmas needs, 

don't forget to shop locally. 


  1. "Can Media and the surrounding communities support State Street's bar and restaurants? Especially in this economy?" I think so. It all depends on the demographic served. A higher end restaurant like Azie should have problem staying open, as long as the quality of food and service does not drastically decrease. There has been an influx of money into the Borough over the last ten years. As a result, tastes have changed. I do not know if Zac's appealed to anyone beyond the day time courthouse crowd. Take a look at Benjamin's Family Market (formerly located at Front Street Fountain location). Benjamin's lasted about 8 months because the proprietors did nearly zero market research. They offered nothing to today's discerning Media consumer, many of whom demand food choices of the artisanal, local, and/or organic variety. Most weekend nights on State Street, the bars and restaurants are packed; even the ones of suspect cuisine/service. If a bar/restaurant closes on State Street, its service or food must be so bad they could not survive. Now, some places might overshoot their mark. If there are rumors of another restaurant closing in the new year, I have some guesses. My first guess would be a place (I won't name names) on State Street which is way overpriced, has had high turnover in head chefs, and is run by people with little to no restaurant experience.

  2. Correction: I meant to say Azie should have *no* problem staying open.

    1. Shame. I'd welcome a return of the West End Saloon. Oh well.

  3. One other thing to remember regarding Zac's is that the previous occupant of the location "On a Roll" left for a similar reason - the landlord's unrealistic and almost criminal increases in rent.

    I hope Zac's finds another location in town and the landlord gets just economic retribution.

    1. True, rent increases play a big part in business' decisions to leave Media. Letting the market decide might work, but the risk is run that the best business is not always the one that can afford the astronomical rent. If a building sits vacant long enough, a landlord's rental rate should come back down to reality/Earth. Lately though, it seems like commercial buildings east of Orange Street have no problem finding new tenants. It would be interesting to study the turnover and longevity of businesses in the last 10-20 years in the Borough's business district. West of Orange, the turnover seems high. East of Orange, there has been turnover but not repeated turnover of the same location. The exception being Four Paws perhaps, on South Jackson. That was a corporate logo embroidering business, then Four Paws, and now Viso's Italian Bakery in the last 5 years. The toy shop next to Sligo moved out and was replaced by Media Pizza Grill. Harvest Books on State, replaced by the Second Hand Gifts shop, which I think was in the Lotus location after the Bead Store left. The St. Vincent DePaul shop, replaced by Bryn Mawr Running. Frame shop across from Hallmark, replaced by the eye glasses shop.

    2. I have a feeling that the landlord already has a new tenant lined up for Zac's space. I hope they have the good sense to negotiate a decent lease with a ceiling for yearly rental increases or they may find themselves in the same boat as Zac!

  4. Tedman:

    Can you put up on this site the list of "Holiday House" tour homes? Are they all in the Borough of Media? Also, the prices of the tour, and if there is any senior discounts. A number of neighbors have asked me for this information.

    1. Michael,

      Swing by this site for all the updated information:

      I don't think they've yet announced the houses on the tour.

  5. My Three Sons Hot Dogs & Beer Emporium
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  6. Easy on the caps there. WE GET IT. GOOD LUCK.