Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas in Media: Fresh Trees, Deals Discount Store and Holiday Shopping does a great job with their holiday Christmas flyer promoting local businesses during this time of year.  Here’s this year’s advertisement.

One business that doesn’t formally advertise, though is so popular they may not have to, is Media’s very own Deal’s Discount store located on State Street.  Here's their flyer.

This isn’t a retro decorated store attempting to capture a small town feel, it’s authentic as it gets right down to the original hardwood floors.  I was a little too young to vividly remember Snowden’s on State Street, but for Media, this is a great down home experience that's lost on today's commercialized malls and box stores.

Few people know this, but if you’re a fine connoisseur of fresh cut Christmas trees, and I mean REALLY fresh, then head over to Kirkpatrick Nurseries located at 1646 N. Middletown Rd in Glen Mills.  They have a great selection of trees that really hold up well if you decide to put one up weeks before Christmas.  In addition, they have a Christmas barn too with gifts and nick-knacks that really capture the holiday spirit.

And don't forget Media's own Bevan's Candies for all you Christmas needs.

Corner of Edgemont and Baltimore Ave


  1. Great posting. Get out there and support local business people!

  2. Love Deals and the step back into time the store alludes ~ Also love the fact that the owners/proprietors are PRO 2 lane 2 way on 3rd Street Bridge. Imagine that????