Sunday, December 16, 2012

Media in Two Minutes - Sunday, December 16, 2012

A few things going on this week with the biggest being Wawa withdrawing their proposal to build a super wawa at the intersection of Providence Rd. and Baltimore Ave.  Will go through some of the highlights this week, but thanks for reading.

Paving in Media:
The repaving of certain borough streets seems to always to get people's attention.  This one in particular regarded Baker Street between Olive and Jackson.  The street was no sooner torn up when people began asking when it would be completed.  It was affecting their customers who parked at the Olive St. garage.  Luckily, the repaving was completed the next day!  Remember, parking is free in this garage for the month of December.

I was a little surprised is was done that quick, but it again shows the importance of the Olive St. garage and the people and businesses who rely on it for parking,

Grand Opening Take Two - My Three Sons Hot Dogs and Beer Emporium
Opening Dec. 22nd
Word traveled quite quickly that My Three Sons Hot Dogs and Beer Emporium didn't have there scheduled grand opening slated for yesterday.  They are still apparently putting together the final touches inside the building.  Looks like they'll be ready to go on the Dec. 22nd.  

Media's Newest Eatery - Double Decker Pizza
This really isn't new, but an update.  A few month back Double Decker Pizza announced they'd be coming to Media.  From what I'm hearing, they are putting together an interesting restaurant at the 400 block of Baltimore Ave.  It'll be two floors of space with an expected opening in February.
Opening in Feb 2013

This will be located at the place where the former "Cash for Gold" store was, which they vacated and moved next to the Starbucks down the street.

Media's Biggest Story of 2012?
Based on the informal poll located in the upper right hand corner, it looks like Third Street Bridge may be Media's biggest story of the year.  Closure of Nativity coming in a close second with Super Wawa trailing further behind. 

What I'm finding interesting that Media Borough Council mismanaged two of these issues and didn't even have the leadership to formally speak up about the third. 

Last week's Reported Car Break In on North Olive Street
I've not heard anything else about this matter since it was first reported on Saturday December 8th.  As typical with these types of incidents, there isn't a formal statement given regarding the status, other than maybe on ongoing investigation.  If you heard otherwise please leave a comment.  Thanks to those who proactively look after the town and report these matters.

Also thanks to the Media Police force who does an excellent job! 

Media's Food Bank NEEDS HELP!
We have all heard of food banks and what there purposes are, but when you see one in Media just off of State Street with people standing in line for food, it hits home.  I was there last Thursday to see first hand myself.  I'll share my eperience of what I found there next week.

In the meantime, consider making a contirbution or helping out with their volunteers.  They also need clothing as well.

First United Methodist Church in Media has a food bank:
The food bank is currently serving 55-65 families per week. The food bank is open 10:30am – 11:45am on Thursdays and 6:00pm - 7:00pm the first and third Thursday evenings of the month.  Information Line...484-442-0033

Super Wawa vs.  Council Ineptness
Mismanagement taking toll on Media
Reported by Media Patch, for Brian Hall to say he was "surprised" that Wawa withdrew their proposal for a Super Wawa just goes to show how out of touch and mismanaged this borough council is.  Here again we have a leaderless Borough Council sitting around and waiting for something or someone to make a move.  Aren't they the ones supposed to be working to resolve borough issues, finding solutions, actually working?  Maybe if they actually had the experience or ability to NEGOTIATE on behalf of the borough, we'd get somewhere and not further embarrass the community with lack of effortRegardless of what Wawa was proposing and whether or not you agreed, the way this council treated this project is disturbing.

However, when select people on council or the mayor want something, they won't hesitate to angrily, behind the scenes call a school board who doesn't support their greenway, sign a petition and campaign for a special interest group, shamelessly stack a committee or even secretly provide and PAY for a website for a group they support.   And if it's $20,000 they need for a pet project that includes a 5 minute infomercial, that'll be quietly done in a couple weeks.  So don't tell us you're "surprised" and try to mislead us to think this council was helpless while waiting for everything to go before before the "Planning Commission."

How can this council be surprised that the company withdrew when they've undermined Wawa and MRE the whole time?  And shamelessly NOT be 'surprised' by their own conduct on other projects regarding conflict of interests, favoritism, preferred treatment, secret websites and lobbying a school board behind the scenes?

Democrats, Republicans and Independents have to work together to fix this dysfunction.


  1. In all seriousness, just wondering if anybody has any insight as to why Media might have undermined the super Wawa project. Got to believe that they had SOME rationale or logic behind it as opposed to just being contrary.

    1. some rationale or logic behind their decisions-- are you kidding-- this is the same group that can't even decide if a street is one way or two way??

    2. Wawa's plan would have required Media giving up rights to the paper street of Baker street that runs between State and Baltimore. In addition there would have been other variances to current zoning required. Wawa made no attempt to modify its plans to satisfy current zoning laws. They thought being Wawa, the Borough would bend over backwards and give out variances like candy. If however you read the comments on this blog, you would think a bunch of "pinko commies" who should "go back to Russia" are so anti-capitalist that they, based on personal opinions, prevented the Wawa from building. You might also think that a Dollar Store is shovel ready to build starting next week on the site.

    3. Paper Street is a waste of a paved area, they should have let WaWa bulldoze it.

  2. I really thought this Boro council had more to offer. What a disgrace!

  3. The paper street of Baker St hasn't been used since God knows when, so why the borough can't give a little, I have no idea. So now Media is missing out on the tax base and jobs from both the super Wawa AND the hotel and instead are stuck with two empty lots, one with a dilapidated building on it . Way to go Media. Let's get a council in their that makes decisions that are good for the borough rather than running it into the ground. I guess Wawa didn't want to wait over a decade after seeing how long the Third St Dam took.

  4. So glad Baker Street was finished in 2 days, but meanwhile in la la land. Jasper/Pearl avenue is still being worked on today, one week later.

  5. Anon835
    Why would you think this council had more to offer than previous councils? What record did they run on? What accomplishments or experience did they bring to council? Brian Hall did nothing in his previous terms, P Robinson was thrown off his own ticket 6 yrs ago for being an ass and Davidson is a blogger who is so partisan and shameful it is hard to stomach.
    In 12 months time, they have derailed an agreement that benefits the whole borough that they couldn't get done in 16 yrs, denied Wawa application for a few variences needed to creat jobs and increase tax base. They are a disgrace to councils everywhere. Show me another community that has council members, show me a council that has changed votes as frequently as this council has. Show me a council that allows a council person to vote on an issue that directly impacts his house. The joke is on the residents.

  6. What does the food bank need specifically? Any requirements for clothing (sizes, season, etc)? Do they have donation/dropoff times?

  7. Shelle,

    Below is information and a phone number for the Food Bank. Also descriptions of what types of clothing they are looking for and drop off times.



    Food Bank
    Our food bank is currently serving 55-65 families per week. The food bank is open 10:30am – 11:45am on Thursdays and 6:00pm - 7:00pm the first and third Thursday evenings of the month.
    Information Line...484-442-0033

    First Closet
    This clothing distribution center is open from 10:00 until noon each Saturday and some Thursdays (see Food Bank schedule above.) Clothing is available for men, women and children. Donations of gently used clothing (no shoes, handbags or household items please) are accepted whenever the church is open. Volunteers are welcome. For more information please call the church office or email closet staff at