Saturday, December 15, 2012

No Hot Dogs Today, but New Pizza Place in February

Grand Opening coming, but not today
People have been eagerly waiting in anticipation of Media's newest eatery to open on State Street.  My Three Sons Hot Dogs and Beer Emporium had announced their grand opening today, but it was not to be.  Someone had notified me that they swung by to check it out and found the doors locked.

I walked down to take a look for myself and saw that they still have some building materials about, but looks like they'll open any day now.

To open in February
Since were on the subject, it looks like Media's newest pizza place, Double Decker Pizza located on the 400 block of Baltimore Ave., is set to open some time in February 2013.  They'll have two floors for the restaurant with what looks like a good amount of parking too.  You can check them out on Facebook.

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  1. Sign in the window says opening Dec. 22nd due to the beer liscense. He better get to work or he can milk that excuse again next week. He's noway ready for his health inspection.