Sunday, January 13, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - 1/13/13

Media in Two Minutes:

New Book by Media Resident, Dr. Sam Lemon

Media Town Talk had an excellent article about Media resident, Dr. Sam Lemon and his new book "Go Stand On The Rock"

This book eloquently captures the struggles and achievement of his ancestors dating back to the 1800's.  This inspirational story isn't just any book, but a look into the past of a family that still calls Media home.  When people say they are proud of Media, PA, it really starts with great families such as Dr. Lemon's who had such an important impact on our town.

Congratulations, Dr. Lemon!

It's Registration Time for Local Athletics
Be sure to check out the schedules listed for Media Little League and Babe Ruth.  For Media Little League, the first day of registration will be on January 19th at the Media Borough Community Center.  For Babe Ruth League, you'll have to download a copy of the registration form and drop off at Media Youth Center's snack bar or send to group's location on the form.  Here's a link to a previous post that includes dates, website links and other information.

Also, Media Youth Rugby will be having a meeting January 17th, 7pm at Media Borough Hall.  A special THANKS to Matt Heavens for providing this information and helping with this cause.  I'll post more information about this as it becomes available.

Foxy Brown comes to town
No, not that "Foxy Brown," but the one I saw run down E. 6th Street at 5:20am this morning.  I don't think foxes bother cats too much, but probably prefer squirrels, mice and last night leftovers in uncovered trashcans.  Bon Appettite

Discarding Christmas Trees
If you live in Media Borough and still have you Christmas tree, it can be left curbside to be picked up by the Media Highway Dept.

Is Media putting Opera on the Map.......or is that the other way around?
Either way, it is great to hear a world class opera production will be coming exclusively to Media, PA.  I look forward to attending and think this will be great for the town.

Third Street Bridge - UPDATE
Back in November 2012, Judge Proud, after receiving a contempt of court petition filed against Media Borough,  requested that the three parties (Media Boro, BLCC, Delco) work out the differences over Third Street Bridge.  In that time, BLCC in good faith submitted an offer to Media Borough Council, which didn't even get addressed.  It even included a one-way design option.

Much like the Super Wawa embarrassment, we again see a total lack of leadership by Mayor Bob McMahon and borough council.  Councilman Paul Robinson complains about how badly written the original agreement was, but yet when he and council has a opportunity to do something about it, as they've had over the last 45 days, NOTHING gets done.  

Have we just wasted another year(17th) and incurred more costs towards the bridge at the hands of the mayor and borough council?  To have the audacity to continue to hold this project up, they at least should have defended their position.


  1. I swear to God I'm gonna throw up!

  2. ps That is if I don't succumb to a blood pressure related heart attack and need emergency medical assistance and pray to God they can get to Oak Crest Lane fast enough to save my life! Would venture to guess there would not be a "love loss" of it (my life) by at least 5 members of MBC!

    1. You are correct. You won't be missed.

    2. Stay with it Cindy. You're a fighter, and on the side of the angels. We are for you. Will watch you on cable January 17 Council Meeting.

    3. Cindy, disregard Mr. Robinson's comment as anon. above (we can see right thru you Mr. R.!)
      We appreciate your tenacity - pretty soon you will be a public access channel 'star'!

  3. Below is 1 of 2 articles that I have copied from the local daily paper, The Sentinel, of my hometown. It simply boggles my mind that a borough that is the county seat of Juniata County and the home of many residents, businesses, and churches aka Mifflintown and a small borough with less businesses less churches and fewer residents aka Mifflin who DO NOT share the same mailing zip code / Mifflintown 17059 and Mifflin 17058 can manage to agree to approve a BRIDGE that connects 2 (TWO) neighboring communities!!! There is NO comparison to the economic conditions of there with here. AND YET 2 councils, the state, and Penn DOT took the bull by the horns and made it all happen in certainly less time than 17 years!
    Read on - and then w/the next post read Part 2 of 2!


    PennDOT set to open Juniata River bridge
    November 30, 2012
    From staff reports , Lewistown Sentinel
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    MIFFLIN - The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and local officials will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10 a.m. on Dec. 5 on the new state Route 35 Juniata River Bridge in the boroughs of Mifflin and Mifflintown to mark the bridge's official opening.

    PennDOT and local community leaders will offer brief remarks before cutting a ribbon, and then a small parade of cars will lead the first traffic over the new bridge.

    The bridge was part of a three-year, nearly $16 million project that began in 2011 and includes new bridges that span the river and railroad, a roundabout near the Tuscarora Middle School and a new pedestrian bridge scheduled for 2013 construction.
    Article Photos

    Sentinel photo by BUFFIE BOYER
    An oversized load uses the new river bridge connecting Mifflintown and Mifflin Thursday afternoon. The ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the new bridge will be held on Dec. 5.

    The current river bridge was built in 1937 and is structurally deficient and has undergone emergency repairs twice in the past several years. The current bridge will close when the new bridge opens.

    PennDOT staff will be on site to direct parking for the event.

    P.O. Box 588 , Lewistown, PA 17044 | 717-248-6741

    © 2013. All rights rese

  4. Here is Part 2 of 2 - Oh did I mention this bridge crosses a RIVER - The Juniata River - not a stream! Oh and ironically enough there is a community public swimming pool on the south bound side!


    Open for business
    First vehicles cross new Juniata River bridge
    December 6, 2012
    KIERNAN M. SCHALK , Lewistown Sentinel
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    MIFFLIN - Eighteen months after breaking ground on one of the largest transportation projects in central Pennsylvania, a large group of people gathered to mark the opening of the new state Route 35 River Bridge on Wednesday.

    The project began in the summer of 2011 with construction of a new bridge to span the railroad in Mifflin and completion of a roundabout in front of the middle school in Mifflintown.

    The completion of the river bridge marks the third-part of a four-part, $16 million project slated to be completed in 2014 when a new pedestrian bridge opens where the old river bridge currently stands.
    Article Photos

    Rep. Adam Harris, left, R-Mifflintown, gives a thumbs-up as he hitches a ride with Terry Lebkicher across the new Juniata River Bridge Wednesday. The motorcycle led the parade of cars to officially open the new bridge.

    Greg Sidorick, who oversaw the day-to-day operations on the project said the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will immediately close the old bridge to vehicular traffic.

    Sidorick said the new bridge will be open only to vehicles as they await parts to build the railing for the sidewalk. The old bridge will still be open for pedestrians to walk across.

    PennDOT District 2 Executive Kevin Kline said construction of new pedestrian bridge will begin in the summer of 2013.

    1. That is what you call the "Can Do" attitude, Cindy. Good for Mifflin, Pa.

  5. ...And furthermore Did I mention that several homes were demolished to make way for the bridge - Homes VS Trees???? Give me a break!

  6. Council continues to complain about an the Dam agreement that stpilulated that Media pays for 20% of cost for design/construction of dam (agreed to in 1996 grant for 80% funding-councilmembers Paul Robinson, Deb Krull voted for design and for Borugh to pay 20%), and Broomall/County pays for all maintenance/replacement costs forever.
    The last council, voted out for Hall/Davidson/Robinson, secured balance of funding for Media 20% cost share($650K) and $75k grant from County to complete design while securing settlement with all parties.
    Somehow the new council has allowed themselves to be influenced by the phonies on Parks Edge, Davidson's self interest/conflict, and agitator Rumsey that the design is bad for park if 2 lanes are built opposed to 1.
    This council has rejected the advice from their own special legal council, solicitor , engineer, dam consultant, Dept of Env. Protection designers, a legal stipulation, and most importantly, public safety officials who all have encouraged Media to move forward with the design agreed to in 1996.
    They have served the demands of a conflicted councilman who, by law, may not be conflicted, but no doubt violating the most basic principal expected of an elected official to recuse themselves if their own self interest is directly served by the decision.
    This council has mislead the public on dam policy since elected in 2012. They have worked every angle to manipulte the public towards either limit it to one way or not build at all. Every democrat/republican who has served on council since the original agreement was signed including Deb Krull, Paul Robinson, Monica Simpson, Eric Stein, Brian Hall,Joan Hagan, Gail Whitiker, Peter Williamson,Frank Daly and others have voted for the current design and agreed to pay Media's cost share of 20% as long as Media did not own the dam.
    Now we have council people who outright lies to public, are totally conflicted and serving their own selfinterests, have allowed conflicts of all manner to occur, demonstrate zero leadership or transparency, allow councilpeople to call in and change votes if it supports their own ageneda, and have a mayor who sits and says nothing of substance for years on an issue that has created budgeting issues for Media for years. Shouldn't the residents who elected these clowns expect more than this from their elected officials?

  7. Hey, Krull. Why don't you get your council in line before asking Upper Providence for library funding? Do you think everyone forgot about insults Media council threw our way over the 3rd Street Bridge?

    The amateurs on media's council are hurting the town. At least Daly had respect and a spine.

    1. Daly? The biggest phony that ever ran Media, and still does. He lives next door to Kent on West Street. Put two and two together.

    2. Frank Daly doesn't even speak to Kent. I know you find that hard to believe but it is true.

    3. And Frank Daly would have had the decency to recuse himself from voting in regards to anything about the third street bridge as he is a man of morals

    4. Conflict of interest = Davidson's vote on anything regarding 3rd Street It would seem to me because it is in his "back yard" he should've had the decency to abstain - goes for Robinson too. Just last month Pres Hall abstained from something regarding the library because his daughter is employed there.

    5. So I should never vote for a candidate from my neighborhood, in case ISSUE X arises that affects our "back yard"? How far away should I ensure they live from me, exactly?

    6. Tedman, this is breaking news that Broomall's Lake Country Club has made an offer to Media Borough that includes their acceptance of the proposed one-lane, one-way design for automobiles on the Third Street roadway. Can you please share what the Club was asking for in return? It's hard for the community to judge the viability of the Club's offer without knowing all the facts. At any rate, it's encouraging to know that the Club is not ruling out the one-way, one-lane option. Thank you for making this information public.

    7. No, to should vote for someone in yur neighborhood if you feel as though they are ethical people who will do the best for OUR town, and not what is best for their own interest. Anyone elected on council should, and have in the past, recuse themselves from voting for things that they have a confict of interest in. And clearly living across the street from the bridge is a conflict and Davidson cannot be impartial, no matter how he tries to spin it.

    8. The FROGS on West Street are tight. They have an agenda, we want our privacy. No bridge.

    9. @ Anonymous 1/15/13 2:03pm Thank you I could not have worded it better myself.

    10. Say it is not so, Tedman. 1-Way,Oh,NO.

  8. The FROGS on West Street have an agenda, we want our privacy. No bridge. Not even 1-Way.

    No cars and no school buses.