Sunday, January 6, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - 1/6/12 This week's highlights of Media you won't find anywhere else.

Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope 2013 is getting off to a great start!

Ok, it's Media in Two Minutes.......Let's go!

Lou Scott Memorial Scholarship Awarded:
Louis Scott III
It may not get the front page on the local newspaper, but it'll get it here.  In these parts, the name Lou Scott is legendary.  Not only did he make a positive impact on his students at Penncrest Highschool as Principal, but for many in the community as well.  Last week Bibi Kautar accepted the Lou Scott Memorial award.  Congratulations!

How many animals can be saved in a year.......A LOT!
The Delco SPCA announced this week that they saved 3,139 animals in 2012!  That number resonates loudly and is greatly appreciated!  Keep up the great work.  And for those looking for something to do, consider helping out at your local SPCA to save even more lives in 2013!. 

Where can I get a Flu shot?
From what I'm hearing, we are in the midst of a very bad flu season.  Delaware County has released a list of where you can get a flu shot.   Here's where you can go in Media, PA:

ACME Savon Pharmacy (Granite Run) 1067 W. Baltimore Pike Media, PA 19063 610-627-0521 Flu and pneumonia shots available Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8am to 6pm, and on Sunday 8am to 4pm. The price is $29.99 for the regular flu and for the higher dose flu shot which the CDC recommends for adults 65 years of age and older is $59.99. The pneumonia shot is $84.99. This ACME location also offers TDAP, HEP A, HEP B, Zostavax, MMR, Gardisil and Thyphis vaccines. Please call for the prices on these additional vaccines. Medicare Part B, Aetna, Carkmark, Express Scripts, Keystone Mercy, Humara, Medco insurances accepted. Must be 18 years of age or older. Please bring all insurance cards with you.
CVS 295-299 E. Baltimore Pike Media, PA 19064 610-566-8400 Flu and Pneumonia shots available Monday through Friday, 8am to 10pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 8pm. The price of the flu shot is $31.99 and the price of the pneumonia shot is $79.99. All insurances accepted. Medicare covers both flu and pneumonia shots. Must be 18 years of age or older. Please bring all insurance cards with you.
Media Motor has moved to Painter Street in Media, PA Yesterday I wrote a post about what happened to Media Motors on Baltimore Ave.  The update I got is that they have moved to Painter Street in Media.  They are in the same building as Suburban Motors.  I don't yet know what will happen to the building they vacated.  

Williamson Trade School - President Guy S. Gardner This school located on Rt. 352 in Middletown has a long tradition of excellence and community involvement.  The graduates of this privately funded institution have gone on to be well known and respected in their trades.  Some of the best carpenters, masons, painters and electricians you can hire have been taught here.  Here's a great story in the Main Line Today about Williamson President, Guy S. Gardner. 

Mayor Bob McMahon and Borough Council's lack of leadership reaching new lows: Two articles this week, one of which was mine, were published by the Daily Times over Borough council's mismanagement of the proposed Super Wawa.
Wawa heads for the exits

Letter: Media council short-sighted when it comes to big picture

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thankful for ‘Super Wawa’ consideration


A BIG ITALIAN EVENT IS COMING TO MEDIA!!! I was contacted yesterday by what will be Media's BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL SHOW......IN THE REGION!  I'll get to that a little later in the week or so, but it's an honor Media, PA has be chosen for such a special event.    
<<<<<< Pictured: soprano, Sharon Zhai 

Proposed Hampton Inn Site - 1/5/13 Torn down sign - broken glass
Media's Biggest and most Dangerous Eyesore.
Police Tape as Security?!?!?
The residents on Pennock Place and others in the sourthern part of Media, shouldn't have to keep guessing what's going to happen at the site of the proposed Hampton Inn.  For seven years the abandoned building has not only sat there, but has been vandalized by lack of securityI was there yesterday and the place looks is flat out dangerous.  In fact, it's a fire hazzard waiting to happen..   No fencing, no security and the sign that was covered up has been recently torn down with glass everywhere.   This is what I'm talking about:  If I can take the time to find out what's going on with this property, then so should Borough Council.  If Council President, Brian Hall has time to drive around and critique business logos on awnings, and Mayor Bob McMahon time to raise money for a 5 minute infomercial, then I would suggest they both make a few phone calls to get answers on this project.    

Edgemont and Jefferson Street Development Update
Condos proposed for Jefferson & Edgemont site.
The owner cleared this property pretty quickly back in October, but looks like it'll be at least until May 2013 until something starts happening here.  Based on what I know, that timeframe may even be a bit ambitious.  


  1. Suggestion. Put 1-6-13 info at top, Tedman. And leave it there. More will comment on issues during the week. Great pictures and design for site. Principal Lou Scott left a lasting impression on all who knew him. Even those who knew him outside of Penncrest like myself.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Michael. I'll put timely info and updates at the top of "Media in Two Minutes.

  3. Do you know the latest news on the 3rd Street Bridge project? This seems to be a stall tactic by all involved in the hope funding will go away. My personal opinion is that Kent and the frogs are hoping to have funding dry up so that they can once again pursue the option of removal but this time without the phoney plan of replacing it with a bridge. A bridge that would cost 8 times as much as a dam and yet somehow made it on to the survey as a viable option. I was at the meeting when Kent got up to speak to the former council and suggested breaching the dam. I have always felt that is his ultimate end game and it seems like he has enough followers to continue to drag this on. The frogs may settle for a dam with a one way road but I do not think they have given up on removal without replacement. The group is as predictable as they are elitist. The fact that they floated the notion that a barricade on the Media side of the bridge is all I need to know about their true intention. I know the "gate" idea has been scrapped but they put it out initially for their own gain under the guise of environmental reasons. Meanwhile the other proposal they wanted is a small concrete dam to keep encroachment on the park down even though the building of a concrete structure is far more taxing on the environment than removing some trees for an earth dam.That idea seems to be off the table now as well but it only speaks to the fact that it is not the environment as a whole they care about but rather their own personal environment that drives them. Of course the glaring and most ridiculous part of the whole situation is that one of the leaders , while a very sincere and dedicated good person, lives on a street that if they really cared about the park they would have protested the building of in the first place. To be honest I don't blame them for trying , I live on the other side of the dam so of course I want it open because it makes my life better. My problem with the group is they hide behind what they feel is moral high ground when in reality it is just selfishness same as my reason. Please provide any updates that you may have. I love the park and love traveling to Media from my house on Kirk but am starting to tire of a group acting like they have a monopoly on the town. Thanks

    1. Good rant there, john, well said....

    2. Amen 110% with you friend! How refreshing that someone new posts with the same logic that the 'silent majority' seem to have. Did anyone ever try to explain this 'debate' to someone who lives away from Media/UP? Conversations with people from Broomall, Springfield, Drexel Hill, etc all end with the same question from the outsiders - "Why would anybody want a one way road into Media?"

    3. Mr Queeney PLEASE come to the next Media Borough Council Meeting in Council chambers on January 17th at 8 pm and SPEAK loudly and clearly into the microphone with all that you just wrote above! WE NEED YOUR VOICE!! And bring your friends and neighbors with you!
      Dave and I feel like we're treading water and I/we have only begun to fight!

  4. No way John Queeney is ranting. He is telling it like it is. Other townships are laughing at One-way. Not in this economic climate when you need easy ingress and exgress.

    1. Anonymous Jan 9 @ 10:49am I will tell you as I mentioned to Mr Queeney above - PLEASE come to the next Media Borough Council Meeting in Council chambers on January 17th at 8 pm and SPEAK loudly and clearly into the microphone stating what you just typed here. Laughing you say total frustration is more like it - Can you please tell me how MBC can do what they did - one way travesty - when they received letters from neighboring townships AND the RTM School Board favoring a 2 way 2 lane vote. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN??? I'll tell you what I and my husband have truly gotten our eyes opened over local politics with this one. I can only hope and pray Judge Proud on day 30 - whenever that is / I think they must be working with a Mayan calendar - "comes down hard on them (MBC)" And in case you're not aware this bridge is fully funded with state money so guess who's paying for it NOT just Media borough as they (5 out of 7)would like you to think - it's every tax paying resident in the state! Don't even get me started on how anyone going into the borough supports the businesses from the time they drop a dime in a parking meter! Know what? The Newtown Square shopping center has an array of shops and stores and quess what? Free parking! I personally know of a shop owner on State St in the borough who said their business declined by 30% when that dam(n) bridge closed 16 years ago! My mantra has been in a perfect world I wouldn't be up at 5am typing any thing that has to do with this situation because the road/bridge/dam(n) would've never closed and we'd all be living in Happyland aka Media, Everybody's (?) Hometown!