Saturday, January 5, 2013

What Happened to Media Motors and Media's car dealerships??

What Happened to Media Motors?
UPDATE: 1/5/12:
The update I got today is that they have moved to Painter Street in Media.  They are in the same building as Surburban Motors.
  I don't yet know what will happen to the building they vacated.

People might not know this, but at one time Media had as many as 7 car dealerships in the borough.  I don't remember them all, but as a kid my parents did purchase a car from Van Wyk Oldsmobile on 340 W. Baltimore Ave.  All I remember from that car was that it had a electronically deployed radio antennae and had a 400 cubic inch motor (6.5 liter), which is even big for today's standards.

Cutting edge technology and performance didn't go on to be the strengths of the Oldsmobile brand and GM, the parent company, brought production to a close in 2004.   For Oldsmobile, it was long over before that.

I'm not exactly sure when Van Wyk closed, but at about the same time in the late 80s Thomas Chevrolet in Middletown came on the scene with a few dealerships that brought snazzy show rooms and products like the Camaro, Corvette and light trucks.  Thomas is still here, as is Granite Run GMC (old Log Cabin Inn site) just beyond Media city limits.

So what happened to Media Motors? Or the Dan Snyder Auto that was in the same building prior? That's a good question.  I stopped by this week to pay them a visit and to find out what was going on, but the door was locked with a sign that said "Be back in 15 minutes."  I came back later in the week and saw the same sign there and no one in the building.  In addition, their website is also off line.  Aside from what looks like a contracting truck, all the automobiles have been removed too. 

If I get a chance, I'll see what I can find out. Oh, and if your in the market for a good, dependable car from a family run business, check out Weathers Motors on Baltimore Pike in Middletown.


  1. I noticed this also and was wondering why there was a single work truck out there,,,, are they allowed to keep selling trucks on there lot if there not a certified used sales business,,, seems kinda fishy!!!!!

  2. We remember when Rich Holmes ran the business (Dan Snyder Auto) many years ago as he and his family were members of our church in Aston. We seem to think he hasn't been involved for some time.

  3. Steph's Pet SittingJanuary 5, 2013 at 10:52 AM

    Dan Snyder Auto moved to Parkside on Rt. 352 about 2 years ago right before Media Motors moved in. They used to work on my Chevy Blazer. The last time I drove by their new Parkside location, they were gone again!?!

  4. Steph,

    Thanks for the input. Send me a link of your Pet Sitting site, and I'll happily provide an announcement.



  5. There's a few reasons for this phenomenon but the biggest may be taxes. Seems like most of these car dealerships go to the townships where there's a more laissez-faire business climate. Philadelphia is the second largest city on the east coast and doesn't have one luxury car dealership. It's not just a chance coincidence that most of the dealerships are located on the outskirts of cities or towns.

  6. As I remember growing up in Media, that was originally VanderGrift (sp?)Motors, an American Motors/Rambler Dealership.

  7. the owner of "media motors" is a prick. i filled out a credit app...and havenet heAred ANYTHING BACK!! THEY ARE TO EXPENSIVE!!

  8. I am also trying to find the guys that worked in dan snyders. I purchaced a car in 2008 and still have not gotten the title. The auto tag place they used was springfield auto tags and they were under investigation. If anyone knows where dan snyder or karney samuelian (the other guy im the office) work or have a way for me to contact them id greatly appriciate it.. harrisburg has been no help.. email me at craftman1987@gmail .com or reply here

    1. Colleen McGarry- Colleen.mcgarry@live.comMay 6, 2014 at 12:33 PM

      Good Luck James!!!

    2. Speaking of the former Van Wyk Oldsmobile building; it is being prepared for demolition . The building has been deteriorating for quite some time (only being used in 2008 and '12 as Democratic Headquarters.

  9. Speaking of the former Van Wyk Oldsmobile building; it is being prepared to be razed very soon.