Sunday, January 20, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - January 20, 2013

It's Media in Two Minutes, a Sunday Morning rundown of the week's events and upcoming notifications.

Ok, Let's Go!

Delaware County Free Flu Shot Clinic
As expected, this was tremendously popular and a well attended event. The clinic was held yesterday at the Penn State Brandwine campus and drew hundreds of people.  One commenter on this site expressed how pleased they were with the operation and organization.  Here's a story about by delcotimes about the Flu Shot Clinic.

For notifications like this and other county events, swing over to the Delaware County Council page on Facebook.

PA Lottery TV Commercial Shoot on State Street
PA Lottery's Commercial Shoot (State St.)
This was a pretty big production, literally.  On Thursday morning, video crews were ascending on State Street to shoot an upcoming video for the PA Lottery.  Earth and State and 320 Market Cafe were set as the backdrop of the shoot.  No word yet on when the commercial will be shown or comment by Pennsylvania's second famous groundhog, Gus.

Steph's Pet Sitting Service
There is no doubt that Media has a an ever increasing dog owner population.  As one, I can say that there are times when you need a pet sitter.  If you're in that category, be sure to check out Steph's Pet Sitting Service.   She is located here in Media and is a registered veterinarian nurse.  With reasonable rates, this is a great, local service.

6th Street Development
The empty lot at the corner of Olive and 6th Street has been vacant for sometime. It looks that a real estate sign has been placed there that will be offering new homes.  I don't know if they'll be town homes or something else, but it looks like there are preparations to begin these homes soon.  
Just a few houses up, another lot on 6th Street is being cleared.  Not sure yet what will be placed here, but most likely a town home of some sort.

Media's $20,000 Infomercial
Speaking of commercials, at least the PA lottery group put together what was noticeably a big production for their Thursday's shoot.  But what about Media's Infomercial sold to the town last July via a cold call telemarketer?  No word.  I've still yet to find anyone who has seen the show it's supposed to air on, "Today in America."  Remember, this was a group Mayor Bob McMahon pursued as a good business decision after if was found they had be investigated and fined by the Florida's State Attorney's Office.

This was a $20,000 no bid deal signed by borough council with a Florida company.  This could have been done by local businesses here in Media for A LOT LESS.

Media's Hampered Inn
After 7 years of the Media Hampton Inn development flapping in the wind, where's the borough's leadership?  I doubt they even know what's going on, but based on the conversations I had this week, the outlook isn't looking good for this project.

Construction for Springfield's hotel is well underway, which only adds pressure to the economic viability of constructing a hotel in Media.  Jobs, tax revenue and a boost to the local economy may be in serious jeopardy because much like the Super Wawa, this borough council isn't paying attention or staying on top of issues.

The difference with Springfield is that they are playing an active role in their development projects, while Media sits around and wonders when a hotel will ever be built or when or what will become the gateway of Media.  A Big Difference.

Third Street Bridge Debacle
In late 2011 the bridge was financed, lawsuits settled and most everything was ready to go.  Here we are in 2013 and we're not sure about the financing, it's back in court and Council President, Brian Hall makes ridiculous statements about not being able to acknowledge or comment on discussions they had with BLCC and Delaware County over the bridge.  Truth is, even after again being asked by the judge to work this out, Media Borough Council has done NOTHING. 

ZERO Leadership on Third St Bridge. 17 years of incompetence continues.
After 17 years and having one of Pennsylvania's most hazardous dam situations, and this is what we get? WE ARE GOING BACKWARDS! This repair of the bridge with a two-way roadway could begin immediately, but instead Hall, Davidson and Robinson continue to waste time and run up taxpayer cost because they feel preferred treatment to their friends and family (i.e Friends of Glen Providence Park) is more important than the safety of the 5,300 rest of us in town.


  1. In regards to the stalled Hampton Inn project, I don't think the borough has anything to do with it. Even during all those years to a large extent the delays were due to litigation by neighbors. But, regardless, for the last year or so this is 100% Hampton Inn's fault. They have the absolute green light and are doing nothing. I was always intrigued by this development, but whatever, maybe it's a blessing in disguise.

  2. Wait until the brits take over the PA lottery, no more small town commercials and Video Poker in every pub.