Sunday, February 24, 2013

Media in Two Minutes!

Good Morning!  It's Media, PA in Two Minutes.

Ok, let's go!

Support Local Businesses: Murray Overhill and Bevan's Candy
Media's last family owned pharmacy!
Facebook and to a lesser extent Twitter, have caught on here in Media, PA.  A lot of the eateries in town post menus, specials and in-the-know updates that seem to be very appreciated by customers.

This week, we have Murray Overhill Pharmacy getting into the mix and looking for support for their page.  They'd be thrilled to break 100 likes, so swing over and check them out.

Bevan's candy is also on Facebook and are taking orders soon for the Easter candy.  If your business or cause is using social media, let me know, I'll be happy to get you some "likes!"

Third Street Bridge Update:
The legal briefs submitted to the Judge Proud a few weeks back have been released to the public.  I've not yet received copies, but from what I heard Delaware County has joined  BLCC regarding the Contempt of Court suit filed against Media Borough.  Affidavits were also signed by former and current council members who voted and approved the stipulation back in 2011.  They signed the documents stating the repair of the bridge always included a two-way thoroughfare. The County's position was quite clear and rather terse, as they intended the bridge to be Two-way roadway also.  As a contributor of $75,000 towards the design cost, they feel the hold up has done nothing but hurt the taxpayers.  It's been 17 years!

Regardless of outcome, I expect from Media Borough a full disclosure of the costs that have been accumulated to fight, or perhaps obstruct the completion of this bridge.  A ruling by the judge should be coming soon.  It should have never gotten this far, but then again this borough council thinks if you don't show up to one of their meetings, too bad!  You don't count.

PA Lottery  films commercial in Media, PA
It's great that Media attracts companies interested in shooting commercials about small towns.  However, last week's release of the PA Lottery commercial filmed here was a bit of a disappointment, especially after seeing the production they had assemble for the shoot.  If you didn't look hard enough, you really wouldn't have noticed anything "Media-esque" about the commercial.  

Media Parking Meters Now Accept Credit Cards.
Don't worry, you can still pay with coins, but now you can also pay with a credit card on parking meters between Orange and Monroe on State Street.  I got quite a few questions about these, so he's a run down of what it is all about.

Hampton Inn Site - How long are we going to have to look at this site? 

Media Borough Council doesn't know!

Too much liquor?
When it comes to liquor licenses in Media, too many licenses may very well be the case.  I've heard from more than one restaurant that Media's market for booze is over saturated.  What that means is that there aren't enough people coming to Media to make having a restaraunt/bar cost effective.  Most of these places, if not all make a large percentage of their revenue from alcohol, not food sales.  

Media may have granted close to 20 liquor licenses in the borough that are based on a case-by-case basis by borough council.   At one time it was extremely hard to get a license to sell liquor in Media.  A lot of the licenses here today have been moved from other parts of the county.  A hotel liquor license for instance, even has interesting requirement to have certain size rooms, and towel racks to be setup in a building that has this type of license.  Though I don't know how firmly it was enforced, Packy's Pub that is now Sligo's had this type of license and had these "hotel rooms"  for spaces upstairs.

Super Wawa Round 2?.........stay tuned
Enough of the community is interested in this Super Wawa, that it might not be over just yet.


A tremendous thanks to all the readers who drop by this site for Sunday's Media in Two Minutes.  You may enjoy reading, but I probably enjoy writing it more!



  1. It was back in November 15th to be exact that the Council minutes reflect ...President Hall mentioned the Hampton Inn and stated it is near to the point of putting shovels in the ground.
    Ok here it is Feb 22 I guess my definition of "near" and Council's are (again) very much different. Here's what I think is a shame - for the last couple meetings there has been mention of June being Golf Month and that's a nice thing. But there has also been mention of an influx of folks to Media and its environs because of the US Open being held locally. Would it not have been nice to have a hotel to also house our guests??? Can a hotel be built and functional in less than 4 months - probably not.

  2. The Pa Lottery commercial was never about small towns. Their intention from the get go was a concept along the lines of win the lottery & travel to exotic places. This is why they changed the businesses. 320 became a French cheese shop & an Indian restaurant. Earth & State became an African gift shop. They did not want you to be able to say "Hey, it's Media!" (Although if you look hard enough you can see a nice shot of the Plumstead). I asked them why (if they were changing the entire store) they didn't just shoot it in a studio & wouldn't it be more cost effective, they told me it would be hard to recreate the entire space & they use small businesses to give back to the local economy. (They paid to rent the space.) They chose Media because of the potential of the spaces & because the people they met were so nice & accommodating. Many involved in the project said they'd love to come back & film more projects here so maybe some day Media will have a "glory moment" like the Llanerch Diner in Silver Linings Playbook, but for now, it was merely a rental situation that provided a fun & exciting day in town. (For some reason my phone will only let me post as anonymous, but this is Heather from Earth & State)

  3. Between Tedman's regular blog installments . . . comments like those above from Heather and Cindy . . .the lively dialogue on current events . . .

    . . . .this blog is far more valuable and informative than any of the Media or other local websites. Please keep it coming!

  4. Heather I love your store! Hoping some day to see E&S in a street scene in a major motion picture.

    Only problem I have is, where was Gus in the commercial? Why was he absent?

    Ooooo weeee, what's up with that? What's up with that?

  5. Awh thanks. We love being here for you. When we were first approached about the commercial we asked if we'd get to meet Gus & we were told Gus has retired! :( So no Gus.

  6. They should put the super Wawa over on the west side of town. The perfect spot would be right where the used car dealership/produce shop is located. Would be a humongous improvement for the western gateway. It is SO hurtin' over there. You got the used car joint, some lame light industrial buildings, and what looks like some old appliance store from circa 1970, not to mention the beautiful Jersey barriers. With all those new houses that will be built, man, Wawa needs to bring it.

  7. I want to comment on the "too much booze" statement, Tedman. I don't think its a question of quantity so much as quality. As you state, booze sales are doing fine. I beleive that if you offer a quality product, you'll get folks to visit. Maybe, instead of complaining about saturation of the market, the owners of these restaurants should be working on improving their offerings. We have a few really good restaurants that don't seem to be suffering at all.

    1. No one cares what you think, Tom Bates. Go back to your ivory tower.