Sunday, March 3, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

 MEDIA, PA in TWO MINUTES - Catch up on the latest

With the month of March upon us, Spring is slowly coming into the forefront and that means day light savings time.  Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead next Sunday.

Ok, let' go!

Well Deserved Recognition and More....
In our daily lives we often overlook the recognition of those who have done some extraordinary things.  I was reminded of that last week by a resident of Media who pointed out to me a man by the name of William "Willie" Hilton who was featured in the Daily Times last week.  Willie says, "I came up the hardway" and if you read his incredible and inspiring story you'll surely understand why. 

So to give Willie even more recognition, we contacted a few folks about his story who were equally impressed and further inspired to reach out to him on the county level.  Media residents doing great things for others are the best stories.

Annie, get your gun (permit at the Courthouse)
I'm not a bad shot, but I don't own any guns.   However, if you have ever been to the courthouse at 10am, you'd think everyone is signing up to get a concealed weapons permit.  Well, they actually are, as this is the county location to do just that.  I had heard it was crowded, but what I saw was a line out the door and a estimated half hour to hour wait.  Apparently this is the case every weekend. 

Penncrest Hi-Q
The hits just keep coming for the remarkable Penncrest Hi-Q team.  After a first round bye for accumulating the most points during the season, the team will take on the next contenders March 12th.  This is the fourth consecutive time that Penncrest has hosted the championship.

Rose Tree Fire House - Ladies Auxiliary Event
These ladies know how to throw a party and if you're around, check out what they have in store for their St. Patty's Day party on March 16th.  I'll post the full flyer of event details next week, but save the date.

Lions come to Media's VFW
The big news here is that Media's VFW is now smoke free.   That was pleasantly welcomed when we were down there speaking with patrons and folks who were there for the Lions Club event. A lot of fun and a neat place if you've never been.  This side of the Media Veterans Museum, the VFW has one of the most interesting collection of military memorabilia around.   Thanks for the invite.
Springfield's Hotel Site

Media will recognize June as Golf Month
If you want to learn more about Golf Month, check out the great work being done by Media resident, Arthur Leahy.  He'll be putting together a multitude of events for the upcoming US Open being held in Merion.  We a healthy dose of tourism expected for Media, it would have been nice to have had a hotel.  Or even a mayor or borough council who had any idea with been going on with the property that's sat vacant for the last seven years.

I don't know if it'll be done yet, but Springfield is racing along to get their hotel completed by this summer.  I got a chance to get over there to see the work in progress. 

New House on 6th Street
It's amazing how quickly they can stand a house up these days.  The one on sixth street is coming along.  Don't now price or layout specifics yet, but I'll see what I can find out for next week.

Third Street Bridge - Update:
Even thought the stipulation has been tossed, there is still plenty of interesting news swirling about the fate of Third Street Bridge.  From what I'm understanding and what I will share in due time, this town should be OUTRAGED by the latest tactics by this borough council.  It's unacceptable!  I'm not talking about the stipulation, or potential loss of funding, this is much more troubling and goes beyond just a bridge on the end of town.

Jefferson and Edgemont CONDOS
Late last year the time frame for construction on the new condos going in at Edgemont and Jefferson was expected to begin in April 2013.  They've since cleared the lot, but it looks like this may take a little longer before the work begins.  


  1. YES, we should all be OUTRAGED! This is madness, I tell you, MADNESS! First, a dam that I wanted. Then, a Super Wawa that I wanted. Then, a Mayor who won't stand up for our rights. What's next, an election or something!? Stop it, please, STOP THIS OUTRAGEOUS MADNESS!

  2. The project at Jefferson and Edgemont has the green light. The Boro has nothing to do with it. Likewise for the Baltimore Avenue project between the Sunoco and Dunkin Donuts. What's up with that project? The recession is over. What's the hold-up? Besides, financing shouldn't matter anyway. The owners could self finance the whole thing. They got more money than Carter's got liver pills.

  3. much more troubling can the Third Street Debacle actually get? And whose fault is it, really?

    1. Follow the money. Who's paying the lawyers?

  4. I am willing to bet that within a tear or two after their finished,residents at the New Jefferson /Edgemont condos will be complaining to boro council."McDonalds too loud,I can see a dumpster,I can smell burgers...etc"New nimbys!