Sunday, March 10, 2013

Media in Two Minutes!

It's Media in Two Minutes, though with so many things going on, this may take us a little longer.

Ok, Let's Go!

March is Women's  History Month
In recognition of this important month and all the women out there, I wanted to share an event being held March 21st at Neuman College - Women In Leadership.  The lecture will include an All Star lineup of women CEO's from around the area.  Neuman has a great leadership courses for those looking to develop their skills and abilities in these roles.

Pizza comes to the Plumstead
I never knew why they didn't have it before, but they've always had a pizza oven, which I'm sure is vintage by now.  Who knew?  Recently, the Plumstead Inn began including pizza pies on their menu.  I'm not a big pizza guy, but I have to say this isn't bad at all.  Thin crust, choice toppings and mysteriously non greasy.  Are they on to something?  They could be, so check it out and let me know.  And in true Plumstead fashion, a bargain! $6.95 for 12" pie.

Bevans Candy
With Easter closing in, be sure to get you candy orders in to Bevans!  And don't by a box of butter creams and leave them in your truck.  You'll eat'em like popcorn, trust me.

House with a Pool!
We're not only getting a bigger "House," it's also coming with a pool.  Yep, that's right, "House" restaurant will be taking over the dining facilities at Broomall Lake Swim Club.  Check out their latest Facebook page regarding the announcement.  I don't belong to BLCC, but I'm sure this will be welcomed news by members.

Media Planning Commission - Thank YOU!
The announcement last week about Wawa was pleasantly surprising news regarding the plannings commission's request to rezone the lot for this store.  What's equally admirable, is the leadership and poise the Planning Commission showed with coming to a consensus and voting on this issue.  This project still has a long way to go and is far from a done deal, but it's encouraging to see leadership and decisiveness for projects like this.  People really took notice of this news. Check out the letter to the editor!

Buddy's Burger, Breast and Fries
Take your pick!  From what I hear they are all good.  No word on when the opening date is, but restaurants in Media typically open a few months after their papers are finalized.  As for the milkshakes they are bringing to town, let me just say this, Front Street Fountain makes the best milkshake I've ever had!  All in good fun, but looking forward to the big opening.  Welcome to town, Buddy's!

Head Shop? 
I had no idea what that meant until this week, but it appears one is coming to Media along with a large selections of cigars.  From initial reactions about this store, this is going to ruffle some feathers.

PACE ONE? Edgmont and Thornbury quietly taking on the restaurant scene
La Porta has made a name for itself and with as much as an hour long wait on a Saturday night, that didn't happen by chance.  I think their food is some of the best around and it appears others think so too.  Right around the corner you have Grace Winery.  It's not a restaurant, but as close as you're going to get to Media's own Napa Valley....check it out on a Saturday. Recommendation: Sangria made on the premises.

What's also coming a long is the new restaurant that  will be replacing the well known and closed Pace One.  I don't have all the details yet, but it's happening with renovations well underway.

Edgmont Pharmacy......Wait, in Edgmont?!?!?!!
Since we're on the topic, I'll through in a bonus.  Yes, I heard there was interest in bringing a box store pharmacy to the corner Middletown and Gradyville road.  I also heard this weekend that the deal didn't get very far.  The former Edgmont Fire House has been for sale for years, though nothing is going there yet.

Grocery Carts
I understand there is a need sometimes to take a grocery cart off the premises to get you groceries home, but I don't understand why they aren't returned and left just anywhere.  Veteran's Square looks to have it's own lot for these right on the sidewalk.  This week one was left right on the corner of Orange and Franklin.

Resident speaks out over Third Street Bridge
Local resident, Michael Jordan writes letter to regarding lack of progress on Third Street Bridge.


  1. I have a hard time believing the monied liberals who have moved en masse to the Borough in the last 10 years would protest a head shop. Most of them are Trustafarians or out of touch with reality homeschoolers, aloof IT specialists, etc.

    It is likely the old timers, the working class folks who have lived in the Borough since before 2000, and some of the rich conservatives (they're out there) who have moved in recently, who would be perturbed.

  2. It's funny. I'm surprised that there's no Domino's in Media area. Media seems like it would be prime territory for that. I can envision the Domino's guy cruising through Media with the roof sign, wearing the Domino's getup. Domino's can be gotten pretty much everywhere else. Heck, a person can even get their favorite medium, two topping in North Philly and Germantown. But not Media, though. Never understood that.

    1. Too many good pizza shops who deliver in and around Media. The small local chain Cocco's opened in last 5 years south of Media borough line. Other than that, no Pizza Hut, Domino's (closest one might be in Springfield or Brookhaven), Little Caesar's, Papa John's, etc.

      I have to say though that quality and service have gone down at Media Pizza Grille on State Street. Whenever I walk in there, it's a bunch of dudes "working" there just hanging out, hitting on the girl working the register. Then they all look up like "Why are you interrupting our game?" when you come in to place or pick up an order.

    2. Yeh because its the lazy pot smokers at home watching comedy hour, and funny movies eating hagen daz that decide hey I'm bored of relaxing and getting stoned let's go out and vandalize or run around town commiting crimes ( haha run only time some stoned hippie runs is ultimate frisbee) let's get real dude the ones commiting crimes are the drunk, poor,homeless, pill heads, and heavy drug users. Also the mentally unstable and bored welfare recipients that commit crimes when you and I are hard at work thanks Obama and the rest of you conservative fascists.

    3. Oh no the poor are making life bad for everyone.If this keeps up Paris Hilton and the Kaedashians will never get a tax break to ease their suffering.
      what happened to the socialists?

    4. There was a dominoes where Manhattan Bagel is now...

  3. Media is starting to get trashy. If it's true this store is coming and is proposing to sell bongs, then that'll fit right in with the tattoo stores. Keep an eye on the crime rate in Media.

    1. Way to go council a handful of tattoo shops now a tobacco "head" shop why not campaign for a sex toy shop on state street next? Media Borough Council keeping Media classy one new store at a time.

    2. There was a sex toy shop on providence rd for a little while, they're called cash flow businesses funny how class is under question but Noone has a problem with classy slut filled bars like joclyn's

    3. I heard there was a sex shop on State Street a long time ago and they had to keep their window dressings very discreet because so many people complained about the business. I'm open to just about any type of business. There is only so much artsy brick a brack one can consume.

  4. Some time during the fall (not exactly sure of the date) Media Pizza came under new ownership. I too have experienced horrible customer service. With so many options in town, there is no reason to go there & be treated poorly.

  5. Tedman,

    I'm hearing rumors you're running for Mayor of Media. Is it true?!?!?! You got our vote!


  6. speaking of pizza places...ariano's is fantastic...but such lousy service! Its so disappointing because the pizza is so good....sometimes we choose other options because we don't feel like battling the wait staff for basic service.....Please Ariano's, let go of your bad wait staff and bad bartenders!

  7. Anybody but mayor McMahon! Media needs a change.

  8. Too many hipsters. These wannabe 1850's Appalachian coal miners who come to media and pretend to know it all make this town a joke. They wouldn't know hard work, unless someone showd them an app for it on their MacBooks. Get a job and contribute to the community

  9. Michael Jordan is correct that Media would benefit from the wisdom of Judge Broomall. Raised in the Quaker faith, he was an opponent of the death penalty and an abolitionist who would have likely frowned on BLCC's segregationist history. He stood for transparency in government and disapproved of private, corporate influence over public good.