Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Super Wawa in Media? This may have changed everything!

Wawa not done yet with Media, PA
CORRECTION: 3/8/2013 - It was brought to my attention that the decision made by the Planning commission was in regard to the propposed Super Wawa development, and not in regard for the general use of the property as I had noted.

Timing is everything and even thought that didn't quite work out for the Super Wawa proposal late last year, the old saying, "better late than never" may be just as good. At last night's Planning Commission meeting, the board voted 6 to 1 to recommend to borough council that they change the zoning of the parking lot from residential to HBO (Highway, Business, Office) and that they vacate and relocate Baker Street that the borough owns.  This was not a vote specifically for a Super Wawa, but for the property in general.  

This now puts Mayor Bob McMahon and Media Borough Council it a position they least like: leadership, responsibilty and decision making.  There will be no, "We were told not to talk  about it.." (i.e Nativity School); "This is what the petition/survey says" (i.e Third Street Bridge) or even, "There was confusion on what was being voted on..." as used during last year's discussion on this lot. This will now fall directly on the shoulders of Council President, Brian Hall and Media Borough Council.  As for the Mayor, who has sat silent throughout the whole process, don't expect anything to change there.

I would like to recognize Media's Planning commission and the Media Business Authority for showing the poise and decisiveness towards this matter.  Yes, there will be challenges that will have to be dealt with in terms of traffic, but at least a conversation can now take place on what could be a potentially big opportunity for the community in terms of jobs, construction and tax revenue.



  1. HA! You lost me at Media Borough Council! So essentially, nothing will get done this decade. Ok, goodnight.

  2. As long as Media Real Estate has that bearded ass representing them I hope nothing gets done. He is the #1 reason it failed the first time. He and MRE are too greedy to get a deal done there. He threatened to put a Dollar Store in when he didn't get his way last time.
    Any project that involves MRE and the breaded ass equals a loser project for Media.

    1. I hear you cluckin' big chicken. I'm cynical about MRE too. My instincts tell me they're using their leverage to the nth degree. They'll sit on these lots till the cows come home. Rather than treat it like their personal fiefdom would be nice if there could be some reasonableness for the greater good of the town.

  3. Please verify statement regarding vote.

  4. I would like to see high density, upscale housing go up on that lot.

  5. Anon 12:42 - You're not from around here, are you? What we need in Media borough - a town of 5,500 and .75 mile is an entire block taken up by a gas station and 24 hour convenience store and 35 part-time, minimum wage jobs. Let's keep it Delco. Upscale would not complement our full array of banks and nail salons. And we must be careful not to attract anything else to town.

  6. Media would actually benefit from higher density housing in the areas that are close to public transportation (trolley and train). If you can bring in more people that are not entirely dependent on their cars, it is a huge win.