Sunday, April 14, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

Thanks for reading this week.  I'm going to try to keep today's post on the sort side.  It's early, but I'm still getting a late start to writing this.

I want to thank the lady I met on Thursday evening at the Towne House while I was leaving an event.  She took the time to tell me how much she enjoys this blog and likes what it is all about.  No matter how busy, I always make time to talk to people and appreciate the kind words. Thank You!

OK, Let's GO!

Super Sunday and Media's 100 year Old Trolley
If you haven't seen the pictures of the retro decorated trolley rolling around town, you will. It'll be parked in front of the Media Theatre today for display.  It'll also keep the decorative graphics on for the next year to celebrated its birthday.  People are really impressed at how well the trolley looks.  Here's more information on today's event for the trolley.

Penncrest Football Fundraiser
When I played football at Penncrest, we had to go out each and every year and sell cheese products from Wisconsin to raise money for our team.  I didn't like it and wasn't good at door-to-door sales.  Where I lived, it seemed like it took half the day just to get to 5 houses in the neighborhood. 

These days, we have a fundraisers!  Please consider helping out the Penncrest Football team by contributing to their upcoming event.

Penncrest Football


Saturday April 20, 2013

8PM– 12 Midnight    Tickets: $35.00
Middletown Fire House
425 South New Middletown Rd
Media, PA 19063
Food ~ Beef ~ Music (DJ) Basket Raffles
FOR TICKETS CONTACT:, or Call: 610-566-6382
All Proceeds Benefit Penncrest Football

Granite Run Mall Update:
As is typical with the announcement of the sale of a large complex like GRM, there is at least one company checking out the goods.  I'm sure there are a few others browsing too, but I don't expect any movement on this for awhile.  Technically, this is a Real Estate Owned sale which by definition means its been taking back by the lender (bank/s).  Depending who you ask, this property is appraised at about $50 million, but will go for less than that.

From what I understand, day-to-day operations are still being handled by Madison Marquette who took over approximately two years ago. I visited the mall this weekend and despite the recently landscaped grounds, the situation inside is dire with almost half the stores vacant and boarded up with advertising. 

Don't think for a minute that local and state officials aren't watching what happens with this property.  In fact, I'm sure they'll play a part in determining what eventually goes here. 

Third Street Bridge
He says one thing and is found doing the opposite
As with many in the community, this town has lost faith in Media Borough Council and it's ability to effectively lead.  Councilman Kent Davidson is quick to point fingers and place blame on everyone but himself regarding the Third Street Bridge matter.  He's been on council for 14 months with a full majority and has done nothing but take this project backwards.  Davidson was also found to be supplying a website and services to a group who used it to launch marketing campaigns that supported their own private interests which included a greenway.  Millions of dollars on the line for this bridge and as a councilman he was  assisting a group through a company he owns who specifically organized and eventually held this project up.  He never admitted the services until he was caught.
Where's the accountability to this community and taxpayers by party co-chairs Debbie Krull and Bob Dimond for this type of poor leadership they've elected? It's no wonder why neighbors in this town have organized a group called Media First to run in this May's primary. 

Here's all you really need to know: 18 years and the bridge is back in court with no clear direction. Period.


  1. HA HA HA.......FROGS STILL..........WINNING


  2. Anon915am cant post anon on the frogs facebook or Davidson's blog. #noballs #rib-it

  3. It shall be unlawful for any elected or appointed officer or for any employee to appear in behalf of another private interest before any agency of the borough or to represent any private interest in any action or proceeding against the interests of the borough in any litigation to which the borough is a party.

    1. Does this include members of council who belong to special interest groups in matters under consideration? A good Solicitor might consider this when advising council in matters involving a certain bridge...

    2. Shouldn't take a great deal of investigatory effort to determine that more than one current council members are in violation of the Sunshine Act, the Ethicas Act and/or the Borough's Ethics Ordinance.

  4. Tedman,

    How dare you! Davidson's the most despised person in town. Do you really think I need to see his face when I come to this site? Do you know how hard it is to wipe spit off a computer screen?

    Wise up and take it down.

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Please, for the sake of this community and to ease the displeasure felt by many I humbly offer this: F U DAVIDSON!

    All the best wishes in you personal and professional endeavors.

    Thank you,

  6. Let's roll back the calendar a few years to identify what issues were specific to previous Media Council's (in)ability to agree and move forward: under the Daly regime the chief "whine" of the time period was "we don't have the money" (the latest circa 2008 - 09). Once former President Pete A. secured the additional funding specific to Third St. via help from Sen. Pileggi, this argument went out the window. Present council had to scramble for reasons to keep this project from commencing - to appease both the FROGS and neighbor Mr. Davidson. As Ms. Rehoric points out in her letter there are no current, valid reasons WHY this project should not move forward as per the three party agreement. Mr. Davidson attempts to poke holes in her logic, but does nothing but offer excuses as to why the project remains on hold. More than one attempt by BLCC to address this with current council was shunned - so don't even try to blame the total bumbling ineffectiveness on BLCC. This lands square in the laps of current council and their 'fresh out of law school' solicitor who couldn't even handle the case before Judge Proud.
    God save us all from the joke that is west Third st...............sigh.

    1. This might be a good time for Republican supporters to remind Steve McDonald that referring to neighbors as "urban terrorists" or choosing the moniker "Frog Slayer" suggests a lack of perspective. Not very appealing qualities during a local elecion.

  7. Frank Daly doesn't want the bridge, and the traffic. Where does he live? Next door to Kent Davidson on West Street.

  8. Kent just posted up a validation of points on his website Media pa news. I have tried to post on his site before responding "factually" and not attacking and he choose not to post. I just posted up a response to his current "Credible Answers Found for 3rd Street Dam Delay" and he is again pointing fingers. Lets see if my post will make it up this time!

    He has in past posts said that he would support what the majority believe is the right choice but he has already cemented his belief in a greenway. He states that "Media Borough Council formed the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) in January of 2012, they met weekly until delivering a report in April 2012 which showed that residents favored dam removal and stream restoration." The results were so close, 4% seperating the two Auto or no auto, that you almost have to throw out the report as it does not clearly define what the majority chooses. This CAC was a complete waste of time, money, and resources and to base your decision on 4% of a biased survey is ridiculous.

    Kent, this is a conflict of interest and you should recluse yourself from anything and everything 3rd street bridge related. Due to the location of your house to the dam your property value is on the line and your vote coincides with how to best impact your homes value not what is right for the residents of Media and business owners of media.

  9. Should candidate Monika Rehoric, who lives on Lemon Street, decline to issue opinions on Third Street or participate in legal actions against the borough?

    The CAC report shows there is a large pecent of the population which supports a pedestrian/bicycle greenway and a clear majority which supports dam removal.

    1. A great question!

    2. You cannot quote a 'majority' on a 16% return of spotty survey mailings. The entire population of the borough did not receive, and the remaining 84% cannot be counted in your 'majority'.
      Do you know the meaning of the term 'majority'?
      Obviously questionable.

  10. Monika Rehoric should recluse herself she has a conflict of interest.

    1. I'm not sure if she has a true conflict, like the other guy who appears to be a member of at least one private organization in legal proceedings with a different legal perspective than the Borough, but I'm quite certain she is one of those who has potentially violated the Sunshine and Ethics Acts. A little legwork by an opposing candidate should be able to follow the paper trail, assuming of course her for doesn't live in a glass house.

  11. tedman should own up and on this blog that HE is running for Mayor and so had a very biased opinion that is self serving. do you really think residents want a mayor who is vulgar like you are? Really! You are a distrace Tedman - what happened to you?

  12. What is vulgar about exposing and discussing the way issues are handled in this town? At least Tedman allows you to have an opinion, unlike the 'other Media PA blog' which doesn't even touch any postings that are contrary to his 'opinions'.
    If Tedman IS running for Mayor I'd vote for him in a heartbeat, he's not afraid to take a stand for what he believes. Wish more people had the same courage of conviction.................