Saturday, April 13, 2013

Media Trolley Gets All Decked-Out for it's Big Birthday Party Tomorrow

When the trolley rolled up this afternoon on State Street there was a line of photographers looking to get the perfect picture.  Wow, does the Media Trolley look great with it's retro wrapping on to celebrate it's 100th birthday.

Come by tomorrow at 9am to see the trolley parked out front of the Media Theatre for a showcase event of this historic mode of transportation.


  1. That's Awesome! Why can't it always look like that???

  2. This is Wonderful ....I love it !!

  3. Learn to write, Tedman! The contraction "it's" means IT IS, each and every time. It is NOT the possessive form of "it." He/his; she/her; it/its. PERIOD.