Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rose Tree Media School District Ranked 13th out of 533 Districts in PA

One thing that makes a great community is the strength of its schools.  Congratulations to the members of the school board and Rose Tree Media School District for being ranked 13th out of 533 school districts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The report was compiled by www.schooldigger.com who ranks school districts from around the country.


  1. Tedman, Thanks for the positive shout out. We really work hard on behalf of our students. Tell your mom & dad I say hi & hope they are doing well!
    Sharon Williams

  2. All those that complain about high school taxes, teacher salaries, teacher raises, pensions, summers off, etc…should take note of this report: We are unbelievably lucky to live in such a well-respected, vibrant, productive school district. And the reason we are ranked within the top 3% of all Pennsylvania schools is because of the teachers we attract and retain. It is not too simple to say that “ You get what you pay for”. I am a proud K-12 product of RTM and have many family members and friends that have both taught and been taught within the system. I for one do not want to see us drop in these rankings – and as a lifelong district resident and borough home owner I proud that my tax dollars are being used to keep us near the top of these rankings. For those of a more analytic mid, look no further than connections between low school rankings and locations that have high crime and low-house values. Successful schools benefit the broader community in ways that transcend the individual educations of our children. And they are successful because of the teachers we employ and the resources that we as community members provide.

  3. A little misleading... the #'s 1, 3, and 8 "Districts" only consist of one elementary school, and #5 is only one highschool. Forget those, and we're in the TOP TEN baby!

  4. by the way, why can't I comment through any browser but Internet Explorer?

    1. Bill Gates is after your soul! If we had real progressives instead of socially liberal pols that are still in the pocket of corporate America, you'd have a better ability to post. In the EU they destroy corporations in court for this sort of thing.