Saturday, May 11, 2013

Have you Received a Campaign Cold Call From Media Mayor Bob McMahon?

Mayor McMahon, We'd like to know?
Mayor Bob McMahon is actively calling residents in the community trying to garner support for his re-election.  Do you think you'd hear from him any other time?  A few people have contacted me complaining about this, because he's also apparently asking about their party affiliation. 

If you receive a call make sure you ask him the following!  I'm sure the crafty non-answers will shock you.
  • Media's Proposed Wawa Site: Is he for it or against it?
  • Why as Mayor for 18 years hasn't he done anything to help Third Street Bridge?
  • Why did it take 15 years to install synchronized traffic lights throughout Media?
  • Why after 10 months haven't we seen the $20,000 5 minute video?  And why didn't he put this project out to bid when he knew the company he was dealing with was investigated and fined by the State Attorney General for fraudlent claims?
  • What's his vision for this town? Does he even have one?


  1. Outstanding post. You managed to help expose the empty suit of a mayor and also reintroduce the lady in red!

  2. Tedman,

    This is better:

    1) Hang up on him

    2) Don't vote for the idiot. Who cares what he thinks.

  3. Excellent the Lady in Red is back. Will she soon be dancing with me, cheek to cheek? I will hardly know that beauty by my side, but I will never forget the way she will look that night.

  4. I say write-in the lady in red for media borough council!!