Sunday, May 12, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - Happy Mother's Day Edition

What makes a community are the families!  And the backbone that makes that happen are all the great Mothers out there.  Happy Mothers day, especially to all the single mothers.  You women are the strongest beings to walk this earth. 
All my best, Tedman

Skunks, a bumper crop this year?
Spring is in the air and so is the all too familiar scent of Media's skunk population.  On particularly humid mornings, you can smell them in many parts of town.   Over the last few years Media has become popular with these night time drifters.  Make sure your garbage cans are secured, as nothing is more attractive to a skunk than a free breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No one know Delaware County like Keith Lockhart
Not only does Keith know every inch of Delaware County and the historic significance it's had on this area, but he usually has photos and memorabilia to prove it.  It you want to check out what this guy has....and he's got a lot; check out his profile this week in the Media Town Talk.  He's got a great website that'll keep you busy for hours.

Arasapha Farm - A Good Egg
As avid readers, I'm going to let you in on a some insider information I don't normally share.  For the best eggs and working farm experience around, it's Arasapha Farm.  Not only are the eggs they sell there great, but they have a self server booth where you can purchase eggs via the honor system.  You get your eggs from the refrigerator section and put your money in a lock box right above.  Correct change only.  Sure beats trying to park at a local food market.  Check them out, it's a neat experience.

Court Diner has a New(er) Menu
I try to get to each an every business in Media. It takes a lot longer than you think to cover that ground, but I eventually do.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a new menu at the Court Diner.  Not that the old one was bad, but this is nicely done and the food and service TOP NOTCH.  Jane our waitress was a bit taken back when I said, "New Menu?!" as it's been out for sometime, hence not so new for some, but "newer" for me. 

Biggest Story of the 2013 - Wawa's Newly Proposed Concept
Community Stands Strong Behind Media First
After years of disappointing leadership, it was actually nice to see people excited about what can be accomplished in this town when we work together.  I've been writing this blog for years and I've never experienced a reaction like the one Media First shared with a picture of the newly proposed Wawa concept.  For this community, it went VIRAL in a very positive way.  People were excited and interactively shared in a hope that great things can still happen here.  Kudos to the Media First Team for taking time to explain their position on this and other very important matters for 2013.

As for the so called "endorsed" candidates who claim, "Able, Patient, Responsible."  Ha!  I guess their first slogan "leadership that inspires our community" wasn't working out too well for them!

Wawa's Proposed Site for Media, Pa goes VIRAL

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