Sunday, May 5, 2013

Media in Two Minutes


TODAY: Giant Flea Market at DCCC starting at 8am

Best Breakfast in Town - Media VFW!
That's right!  On the last Sunday of every month, the Media VFW holds an All-You-Can-Eat breakfast for $8.  There's plenty of parking, plenty of food and a very nice atmosphere provided by this group. I appreciate them having me last Sunday.  I'll be back!

Sorella Boutique Right Here In Media, PA
I don't know how I know this because I've never been to the store and am not in the market for women's dresses, but if you're looking for a prom dress, the place to go is Sorella's on State Street.  I've heard that from so many casual conversations over the last year, that it's worth mentioning on this site.  It's great to see a local Media business setting the stage for fashion that people from all over the area come to see and purchase.

JAGO - Media's Italian Opera
I'm not only excited about this event, but I was invited to the event kick-off reception at Alfredo in Berwyn.  It was not only packed, but had a vibe that I think will make this performance a big hit in Media.  JAGO will be playing at the Media Theatre starting May 30th through June 1st.

Motorcycle Awareness Month
The reality anymore is that more people are texting while driving than not.  Maybe not texting in the true sense, but using there smart phone to change their music or to see what's happening on social media.  Being it Motorcycle Awareness Month, please keep you eyes out for riders.

Companies won't be posting on ATM
I was approached this week by a bank who asked me if they could write a blog post for ATM.   They were looking to give away a gift card of $50 through a post they wanted to share on this blog.  I graciously declined, as I didn't want this becoming some sort of commercialized site.  I'm not interested in making money with this and the only ads I do have on this site are ones I do for the community for free.  I think that's been a good model for readers so far.

In addition, please send me announcements from the community as I always try to make them a top priority to share with others.   We had a few this week from Transition Town, Poem in Your Pocket and DCTMA

Elections Signs
I get the whole thing about election signs and putting them up throughout town.  What I don't understand is why five of the same sign have to be put right next to each other to make it look like one candidate is more popular than another.  It looks awful.

On behalf of the community who I think agrees with me, please take your signs down after May 21st.

Division Among the Ranks
Councilman Kent Davidson's Company = Friends of Glen Providence Park
When people from the same party start to openly criticize one another in the press and go on to support candidates to oppose the endorsed people;  the situation is bad for the party, but worse for the the town. 

There's been a few articles about this recently, but one this week really illustrates the problem.  It's not a party problem, it's a leadership problem based on deception and lack of accountability that is directly affecting how this town is run.   Media Democrats are fed up and are openly asking  who does their local party represent?  They've even gone as far as to support non-endorsed candidates who are running in the democratic primary on May 21st.
No secrets, No back-room deals?
Yeah right, Councilman Davidson!

When you have people like Kent Davidson pulling the strings for this local party, it's no wonder why people are up in arms and their trust has eroded.  This was the same person on borough council who was caught red handed providing undisclosed web services to a group that was lobbying him on Third Street Bridge.  A group his wife was a founding member of. He still refuses to admit it's a conflict of interest when he lives 40' from the bridge!  How can he represent the whole town when he clearly represents a few?

To the eight candidates running in this May Primary:  Please make sure who you are affiliated with and what reflection that will have on you as a candidate. 




  1. Dude has beady eyes, you can't trust anyone with beady eyes.

  2. Davidson's enemy is an educated voter. I hope the voters are able to invest enough time to learn that this fraud is purely selfish and does nothing in the interest of the public.

  3. do you even have a job teadman? critizing people who volunteer to many nonprofts? where are YOUR ethics, mr "Statesman"

    1. Sure - contributing to nonprofits at the public's expense. How noble. You must be one of the beneficiaries. Congratulations to you.

    2. Contributing to an urban terrorist group doesn't Sound 'noble' to me.

    3. steve mcdonald - your continued use of the term "urban terrorist" following the attacks in Boston shows your lack of perspective and reliance on name calling. I suspect that's why so many disagree with your opininons and cohorts.

    4. No name calling, it's an accurate description of a NIMBY group he'll-bent on preventing what once was there for a century serving this community, benefitting their house values-OOPS-the park in the process.

    5. Anonymous - May 5th at 1:08: just how is volunteering your personal time at the expense of the public? If you volunteer at the Food Bank during your personal time, is that at the expense of the public?

      Try it and let me know.....

  4. What's a clown to do? Didn't somebody say he is Ronald's bro? Steve is a "blogging terrorist," who doesn't know his a-- from a whole in the ground.

  5. The current council is the only one that ever asked my opinion on the bridge and dam project. I provided it via a response to the survey mailed to my residence.

    The Media First Team seems to be campaigning on green lighting every possible project with the maximum footprint possible. I'm not registered as a Democrat to see candidates from my party adopt a "build baby, build" mentality to any and every possible project in the borough without having those projects done in the most full-borough friendly manner possible.

    The shrill tones of those criticizing the current council are getting old. Media First and their allies are conducting a negative, nasty, whispering campaign against the current council. The revisionist history of their own candidates' campaign backgrounds and voting records on the hotel project is one example of this. Criticisms of the council's record on the Nativity / BVM school closing show a total disregard of the Archdiocese's record of listening to only the Archdiocese.

    People can keep lobbing verbal bombs at this council all they like, but it doesn't change a thriving downtown, great parks, a walkable community, and a very open process for the public to speak to council on just about anything. If that doesn't fit the agenda of the few, the Republican, and BLCC gang; so be it.

    I'll be voting for the 4 party endorsed candidates.

  6. Well said MediaMike.

  7. How long have you lived in Media, MediaMike? I have a feeling, not very long.

  8. I'd like to know how well Media Mike (or anyone for that matter) knows the civil experience of each of the 'endorsed' democratic candidates. Have they ever served the public community before? In what capacity? What are their experiences in civic operations and borough management? Seems to me the Media First team has the market cornered on depth of experience and competency in the positions they are seeking. Do we have any such history on our endorsed? Or are we just voting for a 'letter' (a "D" or an "R") as opposed to a leader?

    1. If only there was some kind of website where the media democrats could list their candidates and qualifications...

    2. He's a lifelong democrat cheerleader, those types cannot be reasoned with as they're programmed with their bias.

  9. I want Media borough to go into the future doing positive things. I don't see any other choice than the Media First team.

  10. Media Last team is already in office. Time for a change, MediaMike.