Saturday, May 4, 2013

Media's State Street Light Mystery

Mystery has struck Media over who picks up the tab for the electricity to power the white lights that outline the buildings on State Street.  They are turned on during Christmas Holidays and are used during Wednesday's Dining Under the Stars, but there doesn't seem to be a straight answer on who picks up the bill.  Is it businesses? The Media Business Authority?

We're not talking a whole lot of money in electricity usage to light up the streets for these events, but someone should at least know the setup and cost.  I am told that for each time these lights are turned on, it costs the borough $200 to have an electrician do the work.  With these needing to be turned on once a week for DUTS, that comes to $800 a month.  At five months, that's $4,000 to just turn the lights on and off!

So why hasn't Media Borough Council addressed this to install a switch that can be done by Media's Highway Department? Or done by remote control or automation?  Surely the one time cost to install this equipment would be a lot less than the thousands of dollars to do this manually.

The savings could go to many things like power washing and cleaning State Street or better signage to address parking.


  1. You could get a straight answer on this by calling the borough office, or emailing borough manager Jeff Smith at If Mr. Smith doesn't know, he'll find out who does!

  2. Seriously? If this is true then Media is paying wayyyyyyyyyy too much money to Higgins Electric. I know a borough electrician who can rectify this immediately and at a fair price.

  3. Dude, can't you come up with something better? A solution to a theoretical problem that might not even exist?!