Sunday, June 16, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Two big events coming up this week:  Kick-off of the Rose Tree Park Summer Music series this Wednesday and Media's Mardi-Gras.........The 5miler race on Friday, June 21st!

Ok, Let's go.

How'd Everybody Do for the US Open?
I don't think Media fared so well.  The only thing I saw highlighting the whole event was a ad posted in a bar bathroom on State Street.  Yes, there was an extra DUTS, but even participation was sparse for that despite the PGA coming out and setting up booths and games.

An another thing!  If Mayor McMahon spent $20,000 for a promotional video for Media, why wasn't it leveraged for one of the biggest economic events in the region?  Looks like no one can figure out who the video's intended audience is.  Business? Tourism? Residents?  Media taxpayers deserve their money back!

Alfa Romeo GTV:
We had a request to share pictures of Alfa's taken durning the Italian Festival a few weeks ago.  Since I've always been fond of one particular model from this manufatureing, here ya go...a GTV.  Most people I knew chose the VW Scirroco over this car, but I still liked it.

Media's Airport
It's not a traditional airport, or even lately an operational airfield, but the FAA does list a private airstrip in the the immediate Media area.  Based on it's history, it was bit treacherous to fly in and out of, but at one time it was used often by the Linvill family and located on the western side of Linvalla Orchards.  If you've ever noticed the orange marker ball in the power lines on limvil Road, you'd see the approach angle for the strip.  Small single planes only, as landing was required in a field not on an actual runway, which is needed by larger commercial planes.  
Flight Path location marker

I was there yesterday and what I can identify as the landing strip has since been planted over.  With traffic the way it is and the advancement of small plane technology, a airport someday might make a lot of sense.

Runners get Ready!
I know a lot of people have been training hard for this event, as I see them run by my house on 6th street routinely.  Keep up the good work.  Not sure your thoughts, but I always found this course easier to run counter clock-wise.  

Race starts 7pm Friday, June 21st!

Structural Engineers to Assess Olive St. Parking Garage
About 18 months ago I raised the concern of the structural stability of the Olive St. parking garage.  Not only does it noticeably shake when events are held on the top floor, but just as concerning is the rain water rushing through the seems to the lower levels.
Rain water has been leaking through this garage for years!

It wasn't until I brought it up then, did Media Borough Council even think there was an issue.  They started out thinking it just needed to be patched, but that's not the case.  From what I'm learning, the structure will need to be assessed to see just how sound it is.  It's the typical pattern of lack of organizational responsibility and leadership: 18 years for a bridge(not started), 7 years for a hotel (not started), Olive St. Garage (?).  Parking is bad enough, but to have to take a few hundred parking spaces out of service to fix this structure will not be good.


  1. Why is it the Boroughs fault concerning the hotel?

    1. Tedman thinks it's the Borough's fault for everything...someone get him a pacifier!

  2. Ted, Dining Under the Stars was scheduled two extra days: Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately one of those days was completely rained out.

    The regularly scheduled DUTS on Wednesday, however, by all accounts was the most crowded in the event's history. I know people who waited 45 minutes for their meal at Sligo. People who regularly attend and know where all the parking is, took 20 or more minutes to find a parking space. Every table at every restaurant was packed all night.

    State Street was still jumping by 10:00pm that night.

  3. Tedman, what is your comprehensive plan for the borough of the media?

  4. Happy Father's day to you Tedman.

  5. Question #17 on the comp plan survey asks which of certain liberal slanted items are important to you. However, it doesn't allow you to answer none of the above. Kind of calls the validity of the entire comp plan process into question. Wonder how many taxpayer dollars are being wasted on the Consultant...

  6. Michael Jordan, MediaJune 16, 2013 at 10:48 PM

    Was at the US Open in Merion Sunday. Saw Tiger, Phil, Rory. But not one single person I recognized from Media.