Monday, June 17, 2013

Support Local Businesses for Media's 5 Mile Race/Party

Get your beer and soda at County Beverage!
We had the US PGA Open last week, but what really makes this town shine is the upcoming Media 5 Miler Race this Friday.  Make sure to support our local businesses that are more than happy to accomodate your race needs.  Need soda and beer?  None better than home town County Beverage on Monroe Street.  They have a great selection of keg beer, cases and plenty of ice on hand.  Yes, they even deliver big orders, so leave it to the professionals, like Joe.  

Having guests over?  Stop by the many stores who can help out like 320 Market with their cheeses, salsa and snacks, or one of Media's bakeries - Viso's and Sinfully Delicious.  Then there is Deals who has everything from candles, decorations, bug spray, serving dishes and last minute items you always need like trash bags.

Need entertainment?  Well, you're on you own on that one unless you live within a two block radius of E 6th Street, then I'll take care of that.  


  1. Check out to see a list of all the local sponsors that support not only this event but give back to the community through this event. Jimmy Shoe and the Shine on Veterans Square with special guest ---- John Ziglar back from AZ. Then go to Tedman's party! win win for all.

  2. It's US OPEN. Hosted by the USGA. Not, US PGA Open. Come on!

    And I agree. Support the locals.

  3. Took a plcture of County Beverage during the two minutes Joe wasn't standing out front?

  4. I like to support local, but County Beverage's prices are 5-10% higher than everyone else around. I will go the extra 2 minutes to Rocco's at 5 points. Those guys prices are fair, and they are friendly.