Sunday, July 14, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

A Special THANKS this week to avid ATM reader, Michael Jordan for the kind letter he submitted to the on why he likes this blog and what it's done for the community.  Much appreciated.

Don't forget today's Car Show being held on State Street 10am to 3pm.

Ok, Let's Go!

Black Hawk Spring - Fondly Remembered
I had a great time writing this week about the old Black Hawk Spring and it looks like a lot of people enjoyed it too.  One commenter even posted an old "Save the Black Hawk Spring" patch, which I've never seen before.  There's not much I wouldn't do to have the opportunity again to have that spring back.

WAWA - The End Game
We've known for some time that the Planning Commission favored this project by their recent vote to approve the preliminary proposal.  The problem is Media Borough council is showing every indication they won't proceed with it.  Whether it's Hall dismissing the Planning Commission's recommendations as "advisory," Stein downplaying the project at an MBA meeting,  Robinson eluding to unfounded competitive concerns or democratic primary candidates who intentionally failed to even address the issue; they clearly are making a case against the project.

I don't expect anything to happen until September, but I'll be the first to say, "It won't be approved by council."  The anti-business climate in this town and the lack of effective leadership on ANYTHING by borough council, makes the determination of the outcome easy.  How long have we had a bridge out for?  One that was financed two years ago?

Media FIre Company Raises Money on Thursday Night
Fire Co. Fundraiser
I got a chance last Thursday to swing down and see the fundraiser being held at Rita's Water Ice. Great Job by the Media Fire Company who had quite a good turnout!  

Media's Food Bank
In the Summer months when everyone's having a good time, me included; don't forget to consider Media's Food Bank on Baker Street behind.  Sadly, even on the 4th of July, there were people lining up to get food for their families.

What are the Three Things People Want to See in Media?
Think about that for next week.  I haven't generally asked that question, but that's not to say people don't tell me what three things they wish Media had.  I'll do a little more research but this is a very interesting topic.  The feedback I've gotten thus far, hasn't shocked me, but does show what's on peoples minds.

Bastille Day Celebration
Great turnout for last nights Bastille Day Celebration.  Thanks to all the volunteers and staff that put the event together, a lot of fun was had by all.  There was even a replica Eiffel Tower erected on Veteran's Square.

Family Movie Night
There's no doubt Family Movie Night is popular.  So popular that when there's a chance of rain that threatens the event, they contact me.  That's fine, but what I don't get is why there aren't announcements via social media to, 1) Give updates on possible cancellations. 2) At least let people know what movie is being shown.  No one knew what the movie was until 30 minutes before the show. Yes, It's a very small issue, but has even a easier solution.


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  1. Volunteer firefighters will be gone after this generation. With all the training and nuisance calls for help, it's a wonder they have time for fundraising, too. They save life, property and tax dollars, to boot pun intended).