Sunday, September 1, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - Happy Labor Day 2013!

Media in Two Minutes!
Happy Labor Day Weekend 2013 

It would be easy to say it's Labor Day and take the this weekend off, but what fun would that be. Sit back, drink you coffee - It's Media in Two Minutes

Congrats to Penncrest Football.  No Media Bowl This Year?
Friday night Penncrest went on to win their season opener against Upper Merion 20-0. Next week (9/6) Penncrest is on the road again to play Haverford at 6pm.

Someone made a comment about this, but I had to check for myself - No Media Bowl this Year!  That's right, Penncrest and Strath Haven will not face off this season for the coveted bragging rights of Media.  How could that be?  This rivalry was once called the Burger King Bowl, as both teams would dine at the old Media Burger King the night before Saturday games.  The old Burger King was located where the vacant bank building is on Providence Road and Baltimore Ave.  

Rose Tree Colts March On for Opening Day!
This weekend was also the opening day for the Rose Tree Colts.  And WOW, did they come in with a bang.  Check out the short video of the opening day parade and the Colts entering Hampton Field.  Nice job here all around by the coaches, players, cheerleaders and families!

Lukoil in Media Closes
I didn't use this gas station and found it was much easier to enter coming into Media than leaving, but Lukoil is officially closed.  No word of why it closed or what might possibly go here in the future, but with a pending decision on a proposed Wawa across the street, this might get interesting.

Media Unity Day 2013
I'll tell you what, Media Unity Day down at Sapovits Park was quite a big deal.  I was down there early to see them setting up and it looked like they were expecting a lot of people. Music, perfromances, food and good community fun.  What could be better on Labor Day Weekend?

Friends of Houtman Park
Friends of Houtman Park
I haven't had a chance to get down and meet this group, but maybe you can. Friends of Houtman Park are up and running on Facebook and are eager to share the plans being made for the park's 2013 renovation project.  

Check it out! Houtman Park is located on the south side of Media off of W. Lincoln Street

Panera Bread, DUTS and Media's Food Bank
No matter how big or small, I always try to recognize the businesses that look out for Media and the community.  Hat's off to Panera Bread in Bromall for donating breads and pastries to Media's VFW and others.  I know how good their stuff is and how much it costs, so it's quite impressive to see what they routinely donate to the community.  Thank you!

Speaking of donations, Media's Food Bank is struggling with keeping up with demand. Sadly, this service appears to be increasing in popularity and that requires steady contributions.  This wasn't my idea, but a good one:  With the efforts and success made with DUTS, could restaurants consider contributions towards the food bank with any left overs they have? Perhaps they do already.  Would US Foods consider a donation with the bulk orders made for this event?

B-25s and Avengers - You don't see this everyday.
There's something about getting into a 70 year old airplane that really just doesn't do if for me.  Doesn't something come loose after all those years?  Especially one sitting on a runway warming up while sounding as though a couple cylinders are missing.  However, to see these planes actually working and prepare for flight is fascinating.

Here's a video of last weekend's air show out at New Garden airport in Chester County.

Dinner now served out House!
With brunch, lunch and now dinner, you can really spend your whole day at House. Speaking of which, does House provide take-out?  I think there might be a market for that. 


  1. No Media Bowl is a giant shame and a sad byproduct of allowing the beloved Central League to grow beyond 10 teams. Now many sports lack for a true champion because the teams aren't universally playing each other.

  2. Ted - thanks for being such a friend to the Rose Tree Colts, yesterday was a great day!