Sunday, September 8, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - Let's Go Eagles!

Media in Two Minutes!

Football is BACK!  Go Eagles!

The Great Media Garage Sale
After 27 years, this event is still holding up and continues to draw a crowd. Whether you buy or sell something, or not, it's a nice day for Media.

Delaware County Fair
I haven't been to the county fair in years, though it looks like Granite Run Mall will be hosting one this September.  The reason I bring it up is that at one time Riddle Memorial hospital had one on their grounds that was the best thing ever.  This was probably early 80's, but this was a must go to event as a kid and a great experience for my generation.   Especially playing a cash money craps game they had at one of the tents.  My first real taste of gambling.

I'm not sure who organized that fair, but I don't remember it being called the "county fair".   I believe the Riddle Hospital fair was eventually held at  Rose Tree Park.  After that I really don't know what happened to that event.

Double Decker Pizza Opens Monday
I like the food, I like the restaurant and they've been making pizza since 1976.  What more do you need to know?  Give it a try.

No More NFL Ticket in Media?
Shocked to hear this, but it has been gone now for two years.  That's right, no more NFL ticket in the Media local bars, which is a service offered by satellite tv that allows for viewing of all the NFL games on Sunday.  Plumstead was the last to carry this great Sunday tradition.  I think Jack's Tavern might have it, but I'll have to find out.

Local resident and avid Vikings fan, Wayne, brought this to my attention and bought me a beer pleading for its return.  I can't promise you'll see Ponder through a 60yrd go-route to Greg Jennings this weekend, put I'll certainly present my case to see what can be done.

Pay Parking on State Street Saturday?  Sunday?
Technically, the instructions on the State Street parking meters explain that parking must be paid for Monday - Saturday.  However, parking has never been enforced on Saturdays. Meaning, that if you didn't pay the meter on Saturday, there was no parking enforcement to give you a ticket.  

Well, it appears that is going to be changed.  It looks like Media Borough Council will enforce Saturday parking, a long with a new electronic ticketing system.  Essentially, it'll be the same handheld technology that other cities use to ticket offenders.

As you can imagine, businesses are not pleased.

Go Green Drop Coming to Media

I didn't know what a Green Drop was until yesterday, but one is setting up shop in Media at the Getty station on the 300 E. Block of Baltimore Avenue.  This is essentially a charitable organization that is made up of the Military Order of the Purple Heard and Federation of the Blind. You can check out their

Media Businesses Displeased with MBA and Mayor McMahon
What's Going On With the MBA?
I spent most of the afternoon yesterday talking to businesses up and down State Street and on Baltimore Ave.  What I was intrigued to learn was the displeasure these businesses have with the MBA.  In fact, there were at least 20 business owners who have signed a petition asking to see the financial records, job descriptions and balance sheets of this Authority.  Other complaints included sloppy communications and disorganization. This is an entity that receives ~$75,000 from Media Borough.  

Folks, when you have Media businesses questioning the operations of the Media Business Authority, who is supposedly commissioned to advocate business in Media, there is a real problem. One owner went on to tell me that Eric Stein, the borough council liaison and councilman, said that Media Borough Council doesn't care about retail.  Perhaps that is true.  Eric Stein missed 8 consecutive MBA meetings he was appointed to be liaison for.  As for the mayor, these businesses along with the Media VFW told me they haven't seen him in their places of businesss in years.  


  1. My family owns two businesses on State Street, one of which has been in place for more than five years. The mayor has never walked into my shops(s).

  2. Who initiated the petition? Were business owners provided with info on meetings, website, etc?

  3. Many shoppers express their disdain for shopping in Media because of the parking meters. Media should have a promotion which States free parking on Saturdays in media it would be an easy lure for more revenue and the great merchants of media.the original concept of meters was to keep spaces along the business district open so employees would not Park there all day leaving space for shoppers. It now seems this is a revenue producer but in essence it cost the boro money.

  4. TM - As a candidate for local elected office, you should have told them that a petition for public records of the MBA is completely unnecessary. The MBA is a public entity under Pennsylvania law, and therefore subject to the Right to Know Law. Just fill out the State RTKL Request form and submit it to the Executive Director. Simple.

  5. The Borough Council budget includes $75,000 per year to the MBA. The MBA minutes show little, if any, indication as to how that money is spent or who authorized individual expenditures. Nice transparency.

  6. Follow the money TM... though you may not like where it leads.

  7. What about the Pennsylvania Sunshine Law? Where is the public notice of the MBA meetings?

  8. Here in Media we neither strictly enforce nor strictly follow the law. Just ask MM.

    1. I'm flattered. I'm not on this thread and I'm referenced. I really hope you're Jennifer Lawrence or Karen Gillan because having an anonymous web posting crush from one of those two would be awesome!

    2. Karen Gillan? You've just revealed your nerdiness, sir. I applaud it.

  9. I easily found notice of meeting dates and meeting minutes at the MBA website. What is less than transparent is Tedman's failure to identify himself as a mayoral candidate as he makes unsupported allegations.

  10. Scumbag Media Democrats for ya...

    1. I take offense to that comment!

  11. I'm not happy with the problems, but the name calling is unhelpful.

  12. DirectTV, the provider of the NFL Sunday Ticket doesn't carry Comcast so that means no Flyers games I am assuming that's why the bars stopped carrying it.