Saturday, September 7, 2013

Here Comes Double Decker Pizza! Opens Monday!

A special thanks for the invite today to attend the soft opening of Media newest pizza restaurant - Double Decker Pizza.  After many months of renovations, this place was well worth the wait.  The first thing I noticed when walking in tonight was the smart and tasteful decor.  It's clean, spacious and has a second floor.  You want to watch your favorite team?  They got that covered too with a couple of TVs placed in optimal viewing areas.   Wifi, counter seating and nice table layouts that can definitely accommodate families and large parties.  This place is built and caters to a whole dining experience, which I think will do well in Media.

It was only until tonight did I truly understand and experience a fried pizza.  Never heard of one before.  Look, I'm not a pizza guy so I'm way out of my league on what makes a good pizza, but these guys have been doing this since 1976, so this all didn't just happen by luck, and it didn't.  A fried pizza came out along with a baked one.  What immediately jumped out at me was how fresh the ingredients were.  The one I had was excellent.  For not liking pizza in general, I ate the whole thing!

Give this place a try.  It opens officially on Monday and has a vast menu, which even includes Nutella crepes.  It's located on the E. 400 block of Baltimore Avenue.  No word on whether they will have a liquor license, but is has plenty of parking and is easy to get in and out of.

Welcome to Media,  Double Decker Pizza. 


  1. not much of a pizza eater, but will give it a try....

  2. Very nice to see a new big business open up in Media. For my Delco spending dollars, Double Decker has the 2nd best fried/inside-out pizza in the county behind Pappou's. I am a Pinocchio's guy 9 times out of 10, but I'll be happy to hit up the new Double Decker when I'm in the mood for their fried pizza.

  3. Double Decker inside-outs are a hometown favorite as any Parker will attest to (DD first originated in Ridley Park). They are AMAZING. But for the love of God, people, please stop calling it a "fried pizza." It's called an Inside Out, period. Learn!