Saturday, September 28, 2013

Springfield Marriott Courtyard Hotel - Resort Style!

First off, thanks for the impromptu tour by the staff at the newly opened Marriott Hotel located next to the Springfield County Club.  I was in the area last week and just couldn't drive by without going in.  They were excited to showcase the place, as I was to take a tour.

This isn't your typical plain "side of the road" hotel and you'll notice that right when you walk through the entrance.  Nice decor and a great layout for family or business travelers that I found very accommodating.  It's an area where you can camp out on the counter with a laptop, of sit with a group at a private table in one of their circular areas.  For more of a causal vibe, they have a nice inside lounge that opens up to the patio overlooking the golf course. 

You like technology and efficiency? They got that too with a large screen display called the GoBoard.  It's a huge touch screen setup that shows the latest news, the day's menu, points of interest, restaurants, retail, weather and flight cancellations.  Yeah, that's a lot to have on a screen, but it's very intuitive and actually kind of fun to play around with.  And most important, useful!  Media businesses who are listed in Bing search are also included in this content display.

You don't hear the word resort used around this area much, as, well, we don't have any really.  You sit out side on the patio by the bar pavilion or next to one of a few fire pits and Springfield begins to feel like a trendy area in Austin, Texas or Tahoe.  Check it out to see what I'm talking about by a "resort" feel. 

Last weekend the place was packed with people checking it out and people checking in for at least one wedding reception.  Last week they told me they had 50 walk-ins and it hasn't even been open a week.  Nice Job here!  They also wanted me to extend the most cordial invite to our area to come in and check out their great hotel.


  1. Nice write-up / overview of what looks like a great hotel.

  2. 5 relatives coming from New Orleans to Media. I am going to steer them there.