Sunday, September 29, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

It's the Last Sunday of The Month - Media VFW Breakfast Today 8:00 - 11:30am
I won't be cooking this month down at the Media VFW, but I will be there to support this great community event.  They'll have a crowd today, so make sure you get their early. 

The Media VFW has quite a few renovations happening with construction going on for a outdoor stage.  They also have been assisted by a Home Depot program that  allowed for a totally remake of their kitchen.  Thanks to Home Depot and the volunteers who help out our Vets!  That's pretty awesome!

Happy Birthday Delaware County
There will be a big celeration for Delaware County today at Rose Tree Park starting at noon and going until 5pm.  Before that there is a 'Ride for History' tour that will start at Hannum's in Chadd's Ford and make its way to Rose Tree Park.  Along this ride they'll stop at historical Delco landmarks. Starts at 9:00am  Here's a link for more information.

Spamalot Comes to Media Theatre!
I always take time to listen to what people have to say when they come up to me on the street.  At last week's Dining Under the Stars I had two people tell me how excited they were to see Media Theatre's Production of Monty Python's Spamalot.  They didn't talk about anything else other than this play and how much they wanted people to know how good it is. 

I would like to thanks Austin, Jesse and Roger from the Media Theatre for the tickets they gave me for this show.  I'll swing by and check it out!

ATM readers get involved
Thanks for the great comments and personal notes sent to ATM.  We had one reader pose a interesting question this week that I wanted to share with everyone to see if others had, or could speak to this problem.
I've noticed at least a dozen holes in my front yard this week. About the size of a golf ball or bigger. Just a couple inches deep. Haven't stuck my hand down there or the leaf blower yet. Wondering if it's a mole or squirrel or some kind of insect.
ATM Reader
Officer Mason - Tremendous Act of Kindness
Media resident and Upper Providence Police Officer, Fred Mason made the news this week with a generous act of kindness towards a startled deer who was caught up in an accident on 252.  You can read about it on Fox 29.  

Officer Mason, thanks for your service and for looking after creatures big and small!

Support Media's Food Bank
I stopped down at the Media Food Bank to see how depleted the shelves were after receiving quite a few concerns about this issue.  Paul, the manager of the Food Bank was there to give me a quick tour and to see first hand what they're up against.  It's not good.  With recent food stamp cutbacks expected later this year, the food bank is worried that this will be a more challenging year than already is.

Be sure to check out the Media Food Bank FaceBook page.  I'll also post on this site what I can in terms of goods they'll take.  At this point, Paul said they'll take anything.  That also includes clothes.

Penncrest Goes 5-0!  Best record since 1964
Congratulations to the Penncrest Lions for going 5-0 and beating the Springfield Cougars last Friday Night.  I was there and saw more people than I ever had at a Penncrest Football game.  They had the blackout section where students and parents wore black and cheered every down.  With no seats available in the stands, this was a standing game only for many fans, but the excitement of the play made it go quick. 

The team played "lights-out" on both offense and defense.  They have a good balance between the two and both racked up some big plays.  Next week, Penncrest is on the road and goes up against 5-0 Garnet Valley.  The Delaware Valley Bowl?  It's shaping up to be one!  Don't miss it.

A New Beginning for the Granite Run Mall
What's going on with the recent purchase of the Granite Run Mall by BET Investments is quite a big deal for a couple reasons.  1) It was purchased by a group who has the motivation and capital to really change this property around. 2) The community is interested to see this area revitalized without having the burden of a second "Franklin Mint" site developed.  3)Unlike Media, Middletown has the local officials who understand this project and who are already showing the vested interest to ensure it's success.

They community expectations are high for this project, but I believe the pieces are in place to fulfill them.
A vote to mail a letter? No wonder why nothing gets done!

Here's why noting gets done in Media,Pa

When we have a local government that can't even agree on when a letter should be mailed out, we as a community have to do better and hold people accountable.  Is it any surprise that nothing gets done in this town?

Here's an article written last week that shows just how bad things have gotten on Media Borough Council.  They had to take a vote because they couldn't agree on when a letter should be mailed to Septa!
Hall moved for authorization to send such a letter, but Councilman Paul Robinson said he thought it was premature. Robinson’s impression was that Mayor Bob McMahon may have already been in contact with the legislators on the “seriousness” of the issue.

“(Council) can move on it later. I think it is jumping the gun,” said Robinson.

Council persons Monica Simpson and Eric Stein said they believed such action was appropriate since the legislature will be in budget talks upon reconvening. The 5-1 vote, with Robinson opposed, was to forward a letter which will be signed by Hall and McMahon, but likely not include all name of council members. 9/2013


  1. While I don't agree with the criticisms of Borough Council, I think quite a few of the frequent readers of this blog will be happy to see the return of the lady in red. If I remember correctly a few of y'all really enjoyed her last time.

  2. Tedman - Are you opposed to anything but lockstep party voting? Media Borough continues to thrive. What's wrong with healthy discussion?

  3. I've recently noticed holes in my front yard of the size mentioned by your quoted reader. I assume it's some kind of wildlife. I also found a snake skin in the same area, so I'm thinking snake or some kind of field rodent. Nothing to worry about.

  4. Likely the results of crows or other birds digging for worms.

  5. is officer mason single? men who are nice to animals are hot

  6. The holes in your yard are most likely the result of a skunk, of which there are many in Media. They dig in the ground to get at grubs to eat.

  7. Who do we ask to get a trashcan placed somewhere on Jefferson or edgemont near the old BVM school? There is always a lot of Mc Donalds/littered trash in that area...I think that a trashcan could resolve some of that litter....

  8. Replies
    1. The picture of the women in today's blog entry had a few folks complimenting Tedman on his choice of graphics the last time he used that picture.

  9. Anonymous: Are you serious, you accept lock step voting??? You think Media is thriving? Where have you been? Talk to your neighbors ,talk to the businesses in town and you will see many do not agree with that perception. Indeed, any one party or any one elected official who remains n office form more than say 10 years, needs to be replaced by new blood, new ideas and removal of the complacency that comes with longevity. Media is doing ok by with its location in central DelCo, close to both Wilmington and Philadelphia, it could and should be doing much better. Lively discussion is great but foot dragging and lack of decision making shows off a leadership lacking in just that...LEADERSHIP!!

    1. David - You misread my comment. Tedman appears to favor lock step voting.

      Why else would he repeat his claim that council is ineffective because there wasn't unanimous agreement on sending a particular letter. The discussion was held and the letter was sent. Media is widely viewed as successful as evidenced by great schools, low taxes, highly valued homes, walkable community and thriving State Street.

  10. Any individual council person could have written a letter on behalf of his or her constituents. The leadership is lacking when the president entertains such a needlessly decisive discussion. Seriously... debating a letter. If council didn't try to micromanage EVERYTHING, a staffer could have penned the letter citing an overall sense of council's position.

    1. You're right. Individual council people can fire off any letter they want. If you want responsible government, you create a climate where public discussion is encouraged. If you believe funding public transportation does not require further discussion, I look forward to reading your solution rather than your partisan attacks.

  11. Public transportation should be funded. Seven people wasting taxpayer dollars debating a letter should not happen. Media's support for public transit is so well documented that a good leader would know the discussion and vote were unnecessary.

  12. I've seen this very council shut down public comment. Not sure what party.