Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tedman O'Hara to Run for Mayor of Media, Pa

Media Community,

For the last four years I've developed this site as a service to the community and a point of interaction for all of us to discuss and learn about matters important to Media, PA.  Some controversial, some political, some funny, some informative, but most which have shown how great this town can be and the potential that lays ahead.  At first, no one really payed attention to this site, but I knew Media Borough has a story to tell like none other.  With 1,400 posts, thousands of comments and hundreds who drop by each day, that story is alive and as important as ever.   The countless hours, expense and sacrifice has been nothing compared to the fun and reward this site has been for me and I hope for you too.  There's been no financial compensation, it's been through pure enthusiasm I have for our town.
Leadership for the community that gets results!

Today I'd like to share with the community that I am running for Mayor of Media.  I went to school here and growing up, sat a many kitchen tables in Media with friends and family, who all have had a lasting impact on me - EVERY ONE!.  Those experiences, along with my up bringing showed me the value of hard work, integrity and sound judgement.  In both my personal and professional life, I've never let those people down and as Mayor, I won't let this town down either.

After 18 years it's time for a new Mayor who will show a commitment and spirit for this town like it hasn't seen in years, if ever.  It's time to get people involved, time to move forward together as a town and a time for straight talk and results.  Mayor McMahon I'm sure had the best interest of Media in mind, but after almost two decades, complacency and lack of attention has set in.  I'll to do a better job immediately upon being Mayor of Media.

I'll be sharing more of what my political platform in the next month, but I'm not writing this as a fancy candidate speech.  If you read this blog, you'll know where I stand on the issues.
  • Taxes and fiduciary responsibility  I am very lucky to live in this town and know how important it is for others to call this home too.  Unfortunately, there are people I know who live here that have to put their real estate taxes on credit cards due to an economy that still struggles.  It's a horrible position for these people to be in, but it's something you don't forget when you see it happening here in Media.   When I see our current mayor frivolously spend taxpayer money on infomercials with celebrities, that's a problem.  What's worse is when Mayor McMahon received a letter from me on behalf of taxpayer questioning this decision, he bluntly said to me on State Street that he had other priorities.  Folks, this is what happens when career politicians hang around for 18 years.  It's no different on the federal level and is why the system is broken.
  • Proposed Wawa: Due to a lack of a viable, real option, I believe Media has an opportunity to make this project work.  I don't expect to be elected just to say "no" to everything, I expect to be held to a standard that includes figuring problems out.  Yes, their are issues here that include traffic, but there are some great benefits too to bringing this company to Media on this scale.

    Companies and even a labor union are paying close attention to the outcome here.  They want to know if Media is a place they where they can do business. When we have a local government that has a company like Wawa present 13 times in 19 months, we have a process and leadership issue. And what I now believe to be a perception problem with how this town treats businesses.
  • Third Street Bridge:  Which ever side you're on, I think we can all agree that 18 years to get what was once a fully financed bridge two years ago is an embarrassment.  It's one of the most dangerous situations in Pennsylvania! I've never had the luxury in the professional world of telling someone they needed to be patient on an outcome. That doesn't fly there, and shouldn't here.  I'm for a repaired bridge/dam and two-way traffic, though with the money to be taken off the table, it's time we all get together to make this work! 
  • Media's Hotel - Economic factors played a big part with this, but I also think the owners never saw assurances that Media still wanted or supported a hotel.  In these times cooperation goes a long way towards economic development.  Springfield stepped up and made the Marriott Courtyard Hotel work in a little over a year, Media is left reading this blog and wondering what will ever happen to this project, while Middletown awaits a whole revitalization with the recent purchase of GRM.
  • Term Limits - I may be the only candidate running for office who will self impose a 2 term limit, but I believe it's the right thing to do.  In fact, I'll ask that this be done for both myself and borough council upon being elected.  I'm not trying to do this as a career and don't think others should either.  If you want to see and end to gridlock and REAL change, term limits are the first step and it'll start with me.
Lastly, I want people to know that being elected Mayor is more than just showing up to a monthly meeting and reading a 5 minute police report.   It's about giving back to the community. It's about involvement and commitment.  It's about listening and providing good communication that serves the best interest of all, not a few.

Upon being elected I will ask that any financial compensation (~$5,000 per year) I should receive for this position be given back to the community.  Whether that goes to help fund a study for a skate park,  allow more kids to sign-up for the Media Youth Center, or help fund our Media Food Bank;  I believe that's my obligations to this town and a pledge to lead by example.

I look forward to coming to your neighborhood soon to meet each and everyone of you.

Tedman O'Hara


  1. Not a shocker. You seem like a good guy playing for the wrong team in our little town. (Though some of your followers can be downright nasty, just as some of those on the other side can be.)

  2. Thank you for putting the time into making a run at the mayor's office. Not a secret that I'm no swing voter, but lively elections bring about better governance. Best debating wishes to all between now and November 5th.

  3. Do they actually do any true debates, or is it just hate mail and bitter blogs? A good debate would be quite informative and entertaining.

  4. You have my Vote !!

  5. As it is in any community, leadership is key in helping to get anything done. You need people at the top who will listen and act upon what they hear. If Media is tired of having their leadership actions "mailed in", then it's time for a change and that change is now. A new leader who is dedicated and committed to the community is going to help affect those changes to make Media a better place to live..........Tedman O'Hara for mayor?........Yes !!

  6. It would be so nice to have a fresh voice (and someone who doesn't sleep thru council meetings) as mayor! Good luck, Tedman!

  7. Tedman provides the best choice for mayor because he so obviously cares about the future of media more than the current mayor. I can't remember one act of leadership the mayor has demonstrated on any major issue in the last 4 yrs. Tedman has shown a desire to actively engage in moving issues forward. The role of mayor is to manage police chief/department which this mayor has barely done. The mayor should also be active in promoting media, working with local agencies to host events etc. Tedman has the time, energy, desire, and passion to actively promote media as a destination. You have the current/futre council all aligned as puppets for hall and davidson to run amock at least media can do is vote in an impartial mayor who actually wants to do the job. Tedman for Mayor is the best choice.

  8. Good Luck Tedman, and Godspeed to you! It is with minimal suggestions that I endorse you - please do not yell or laugh and smirk at the constituents if they ask a question or give a suggestion during council meetings. Remember the people in the audience are YOUR PEOPLE and they do not need to be demeaned if they are not as well versed on the municipal law as you are. Please do not allow a handful of residents to unilaterally dictate policy from parking on 4th, or a CAC, to terrorizing local businessmen. I know you can keep your positive nature and composure as I have seen you do it. Best wishes.

  9. It is time for a change. Tedman for Mayor.

  10. Tedman will bring back respect for the office of Mayor. Now it is a comedy of errors. Bob McMahon doesn't know whether he is coming or going. Sad for Media.

  11. Tedman, rethink you position on the Wawa and you will be Media's Mayor. You are right on about the bridge.