Tuesday, October 29, 2013

All Things Upper Providence? For Candidate David Daniel it is!

All Things Upper Providence

Dear ATM Readers:

    My name is David Daniel, I’m an Upper Providence Resident and current candidate for the First District seat on Township Council. Since I write “Media, PA” as my return address on every letter I send (yes, I still use the mail), I think the election in Upper Providence Township fits the theme of this blog. I want to thank Tedman for giving me the opportunity to write and, most importantly, for his support and friendship over the years.  Having known Tedman for many years, in my mind, there is no question that he is qualified to be Mayor of Media, and has the intelligence, commitment and character to be a great Mayor.  I appreciate the chance to tell people more about me and why I’m running.

David Daniel - Council Candidate for First District Upper Providence
If I had to pick an overall theme for my campaign and why I’m running, I would say “its about people not politics”.  To quote an incumbent Democratic, Upper Chichester Commissioner’s statement to the Daily Times: “I think people vote for someone based upon their reputation and responsiveness, and I think people are intelligent enough to know that local politics is about police protection, trash collection and street lights.”  That’s why I’ve tried to knock on EVERY door -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- because I’m running as me and not against the Democratic Party.  I would hope my opponent believes the same, and agrees that for local council race running as “not a Republican” is not a platform or a solution.  After knocking on 400-500 doors, I believe the people who agree with that are in the clear majority, and very few have been so hyper-partisan that they have not at least taken the time to talk or be polite.  This is Media, PA, not Washington, D.C.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised that most people are friendly and neighborly, and that has motivated me to keep going when my first instinct would be to spend a nice relaxing day or evening at home watching football.  

    I’ve learned that there is never a good time to knock on someone’s door to introduce yourself, and I haven’t meant to cause anyone any inconvenience, stress out your dogs, but to me, there’s no excuse for a candidate not to take the time to meet people face to face, so, I won’t apologize for knocking on your door.  For all the talk about from some about the lack of transparency in local government, what is more transparent than having the chance to speak to a candidate face to face to discuss your concerns, or having their cell phone number and e-mail address – something I put on every piece of material I hand out.

    Why am I the person who can do this?  That’s a good question.  First and foremost, I am committed to this community.  Working for the Public Defender’s Office has taught me to be thankful for what you have, and I consider myself lucky to live here.  I’m thankful to be at a stage in life where I am settled in where I live and what I do, so that I have the time and drive to serve on Council.  I’ve tried to be involved from day one, whether its serving on the Zoning Board or attending community meetings (I attended almost every 3rd Street Bridge CAC meeting).  Anyone who says “that’s easy to do” has never served in that capacity or taken the time to do it. I believe I’ve earned the respect of my colleagues and neighbors who know when they are dealing with me that they will be treated fairly, courteously and professionally.  I think I am a good fit for the job because election to Council won’t be the start but a continuation my community involvement.  Much like the legal profession, the job entails researching issues, discussion and debate with various parties and proposing solutions.  I don’t expect to agree with every voter on every issue, but I would like to think that people would think of me a decent person and good neighbor first.  

    Where do I stand on the issues?  I pay taxes too, and I want them as low as possible.  Anyone who has been to the grocery store with me knows my wallet doesn’t open easily.  I want the police, fire and other emergency responders to have the resources they need to protect the safety of the community.  Its no secret that I support the opening of 3rd Street Bridge to vehicular traffic.  That’s my opinion and others are entitled to theirs. I disagree with shrill attacks in this debate whether it is demonizing the BLCC (sorry “Anonymous” Terry Rumsey) or calling the Friends of Glen Providence Park terrorists (sorry Steve MacDonald). I would be happy to support the Friends of Glen Providence Park with time and money if they would agree to take no position on the Bridge, because I believe in the other aspects of what they do.  I’d like to see other open space such as Scott Park put to good use and think that some of the ideas to link it with Mineral Hill have great potential.  There is a meeting coming up soon in County Council Chambers at the Government Center Building in Media where the final opportunity for public comment will take place (maybe an idea for another article Ted).  There is information on the plan on the Upper Providence for Open Space website.

    Why vote for me?  When comparing me and my opponent, I am asking you to look at my involvement with the community before I started running for Council.  Throughout this process, I’ve developed a measure of respect for anyone who takes the time to run for office.  With due respect to my opponent, I’d say what distinguishes me as the better candidate is that I have been involved years before the election, and have taken the time to participate in local debate.  I’ve learned a few things over years, including re-evaluating my positions on issues.  I’m glad I was able to do this without the responsibility of serving on Council.  Thanks for taking the time to read about me.  Feel free to call or e-mail if you want to talk.  Cell = 610-368-9109.  E-mail = ddaniel1966@yahoo.com.  I hope you find me a worthy candidate and I hope to have your support November 5.

                            Very truly yours,

                            David S. Daniel


  1. Dave Daniel is a thoughtful, intelligent, worthy candidate and will make an excellent addition to Upper Providence Council. Go Dave!

    1. Dave has a nice smile!

  2. Best of luck to Dave. I live in Nether Providence and belive that all of our communities will benefit from leaders such as Dave and Tedman.