Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday - Make it Media, PA

American Express is behind this small business marketing campaign, but I really think they hit the mark with getting the word out about what small businesses mean for the community.  A video like this customized for Media, PA could be an excellent marketing tool for this town.  Short (<~1min), engaging/fun (video store owners and customers), impactful and easy to distribute (promotional video like this would go viral on a host of business website and social media).  It would also be a great way to promote the town when big events are in the area like the US Open, music festivals, or even events held out at DCCC that drew thousands from the region for the recent 5th Annual American Muscle Mustang car show. 
Media can be one of the best towns in America!

I'm not so sure the 9 second ads Media posts on a electronic billboard outside of the Philadelphia airport are that effective.  Mostly because I don't understand the audience these ads are for?  I think the real appeal of Media is to the communities that surround it - Nether Providence, Upper Providence, Edgmont, Middletown, Concordville, etc.  Unless there are analytics to prove me wrong, I don't know who driving up I-95 and is compelled enough to head straight to Media after seeing a 9 second ad. 

On Tuesday, November 5th, Media will have great opportunity to ascend to new levels, and with your vote I hope we can take it there.  

Tedman O'Hara
Candidate for Mayor of Media


  1. Community videos are a great way to get interest and bring people to Media. You have to remember to distribute it properly, however just having the video doesn't guarantee success. When people are traveling to Media, looking for events in media, coming for jury duty, those videos need to be optimized and placed where people will see them. Making sure your videos have important keywords in the title and description, will allow Googlers to find them more easily. Getting your video promoted on travel websites, local event websites, even running ads on the google search results pages themselves get eyeballs where they need to be. All of us use the internet, nearly every day, to the point where when we plan any sort of outing we go there to do research. I cannot express enough how important it is to recognize search engine friendly practices for local promotions. The Media borough should do a better job promoting itself online, the VisitPA website is very outdated and not nearly as effective as it could be. The town should fully adopt the #MediaPA hashtag and put it on all their websites as a place people can 'tap' into local business conversations. The Facebook page shouldn't just be about shilling the local services either but be vibrant and ask for local participation. Gather photos, videos, secrets and art, create something amazing so that people are excited whenever you post something. Just having a video isn't enough, it's just one tool in a box.

  2. Hi Tedman: The billboard worked for Sorella during Prom season. The shop becomes a destination store during that time and allowed a wide market of people to know about our Media store, who wouldn't otherwise. Another surprising way to advertise that is not hyperlocal is the Philadelphia Inquirer. I cannot tell you how many new customers came into our store to purchase dresses after reading a story Elizabeth Wellington wrote in the Inquirer Style section-people that were not from this area. But I agree that more direct marketing to surrounding communities would be beneficial to all of us in town. Char Mulholland, Sorella Boutique

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