Monday, October 7, 2013

Media's New Bike Racks - Here are the True Leaders, Not Media Politicians!

The best thing about this site is showing people doing great things for Media.  I do it as much as I can and always take the time from whatever I'm doing to highlight these achievements.  I take it very seriously, and when I see people inappropriately take credit for other people's work, especially politicians, I have a problem with that.

Last week Bob Dimond (tax collect), Mayor Bob McMahon, Councilman Eric Stein and Council President Brian Hall were front and center for a ribbon-cutting picture for the newly purchased bike racks provided by DCTMA and Media Rotary.  What I'd like to know is what their involvement was during the last few months when this project was first initiated?  They probably don't have any idea, because they didn't know anything about it, how it came about and what was done to make it happen.  Have any of them done anything to even promote a bike friendly town? I too was asked to be a part of the ceremony, but I politely declined. 

Why I was asked to take part and attend this ceremony is not important, but I will tell you who is!  Lauren Avellino Turton from the DCTMA and Dana Mancini from Media Rotary were the ones who had the vision to put this together, the ambition to make it work and the leadership to raise the money.  I won't let them be pushed aside by the people in that other photo.  They also inspired others to support a great cause that everyone should be proud of......and by that I mean the ones who didn't get a fancy picture.

Here's the picture you should have seen 
in the press last week!
Not Media Politicians!
Great Job, Ladies!
When the Media Fire Company had to raise money this July to pay for things they desperately need,  they had to humbly put a fireman's boot on the counter of a water ice stand to collect change.  An OUTRAGE when Council President, Brian Hall and Mayor McMahon shamelessly spent $20,000 of taxpayers money on a video that has been quickly forgotten.  

There were no camera's, reporters or fancy speeches that night; it was a community trying to support one another the best way it could. Same thing when Nativity School had their emotional school closing picnic after 100 years.  I not only did what I could to help, I showed up as a commitment of support towards their efforts.  Never saw Media's elected officials at those events and neither did the people of this community!


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