Friday, October 11, 2013

Vertical Townhomes proposed for Media at Edgemont and Jefferson Streets

At about this time last year you may recall the lot clearing that took place at Edgmont and Jefferson Streets for proposed condominiums.  That work was done and a start date to begin building was expected in April 2013.  That came and went and the site has been empty ever since.
2012 Lot Clearing at Edgmont and Jefferson Streets

Looks like the original condominium plans have been scraped in favor of what's being called "vertical" town homes.  This idea was present by architect, Bob Linn at this week's planning commission meeting.  The concept of this latest design lessens the look of a block based building structure and allows for more subtle appearance of individual homes.  I'll share the drawing and sketches once they become available.

Writer, Susan Serbin covers this in detail at this week's planning commission meeting.

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