Sunday, November 17, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - Dedicated to Bruce Squire


I have to make today's segment a bit on the short side, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot going on.  One category I've been working on is the ATM Spotlight which will feature someone or something each weekend and a story behind why it's special.  A good deed, great event, new store - It could be anything

RIP Bruce Squire
On a somber note, I want to recognize the passing of long time local and all around GREAT guy Bruce Squire.  Bruce was not only the former manager of the world famous Packey's Pub (now Sligos), but was a gentle soul that always enjoyed "Everybody's Hometown."  I wouldn't see Bruce that often after Packy's closed, but he always told me how much he enjoyed this blog.  Bruce, you get the spotlight of the week.  I'll miss your humor, perspective and passion for the the Philadelphia Phillies!

Lights! Action, Camera! in Chester
This story is a bit outside of the Media proper area, but a great example of the economic investment that was recently announced on the entertainment complex being brought to Chester.  One person instrumental in that vision was a local guy and Penncrest Alumni, David Raynor who was the chairman of the committee.   A special thanks to Senator Pileggi and the many others who continue to make this happen.

Unlike Media Borough Council and Mayor Bob "No Plan" McMahon, this illustrates the pro activeness and commitment needed to make an area great.  The difference here is people proactively striving to make the best of and opportunity, not sitting around on their hands.

ATM Wishes Alec Mendez a Speedy Recovery!
I want to personally wish Alec a speedy recovery from a recent surgery he had this week.  I don't know everyone that reads this blog, but for the ones that do,  I want them to know that it's not only me that wishes them well,  but those in the community too.  Get well, Alec!

Edgmont and Jefferson - Big Things Happening!
If you're wondering what's going on with the vacant lot at Edgmont and Jefferson Streets, the mystery may be soon over.  I saw some sketches for what's being described as vertical town homes and I can say it's a interesting of which I'm not so sure about.   The proposed plans will be three to four stories tall and look like tradition town homes, however it's sort of like a condominium setup where there will be units on top of one another.  Imagine a town home where there is a unit on the lower lever and top level.  They won't be cheap either.

Last night was Media's Jazz Festival held on State Street.  This is mostly an out-of-towner's event as most locals seem to avoid it, which you can include me in that group.  It's not because it's a bad event, I just don't think people are into this scene that much.  Don't get me wrong, I've been to jazz events in the South of France that are great, but it lacks a bit here in Media.  Some venues complain that participants who come to watch the music only order water which doesn't bode well for them.

Now, I'm not saying we'll get Lil' Wayne down here to change it up, but I think this event should be modified a bit.

Let's Talk Turkey- Media Food Bank Turkey Drive
If I do but one thing in 2013, it'll be bringing awareness to Media's Food Bank.  Last week I mentioned I wanted to get 100 frozen turkeys for the families that rely on this community service.  I've even asked for support from readers.  I'm happy to say the money is coming in to make that a reality.  I could announce the people who have sent in checks, and I will if they want me to; but I believe charity should be anonymous. 

Thank you for those who have committed to help.  I think this could be a great annual event.

Media Upper Providence Library
There are new architectural plans that I saw recently for the rebuilding of the Media/UP Library.  They look fantastic and the people who are working on this are thrilled with how well they turned out.  They'll be releasing them soon.


  1. I wish I was one of the outsiders at the Jazz Fest. And, Chester Township is not Chester City. And, it took me more than 2 minutes to read Media in Two Minutes...but that's probably not your fault.

  2. Tedman,
    Can people purchase a frozen turkey and drop it off at the Food Bank? Thanks.

    1. Skip,

      Yes, I don't see why not. Will be dropping off turkey's to them around 10:30a on Saturday. I'll talk to Paul at the food bank to let him know others may be dropping turkey's off too. I'll reply back to this tread later today.


  3. Will Upper Providence ever chip in for the Library project, or will Medians need to provide it for them?

    1. If Media builds the 3rd Street Bridge, so we can get into town. Then, yes we will.

    2. There's at least a half a dozen alternative routes to get to the Media/Upper Providence library, but that's not really the point. Shame on U.P. residents who feel this way .....

  4. Shame on U.P.?!!?!?!?! Media borough has turned into the most selfish, self absorbed community of all time. Sadly it was once referred to "Everybody's Hometown" I'll gladly go to the new stores and restaurants proposed at the Granite Run Mall site.

    1. Agree with 1057AM. GRM with their outdoor dining and free parking is going to KO Media. I almost broke my ankle on the trolley tracks last time I was at Dining Under the Stars.

    2. DITTO that thought! Anon 10:28 nailed it - it's called 'tit for tat', you do something, we'll do something. How many fire trucks and/or ambulances will need senseless re-routing because the selfish at 3rd and West FROGs can't have an occasional vehicle drive by. Shame on Media Borough Council, it is.

    3. Anon 5:29 - There is no proposal which would limit emergency vehicles.

    4. One way in. 2 way emergency vehicles. BLCC takes ownership of the dam holding up their private lake. Problems solved!