Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Media Wine Professional, Tom Deschere Gives GREAT Suggestions for Thanksgiving

Much like having a good tailor and mechanic, it's also good to have a go-to person when it comes to wine, especially during the holiday seasons.  Now, you can search the internet and find countless recommendations, but much like my doctor, I like to know who I'm dealing with. Perhaps you do too, so I reached out to the best Media wine guy I know, Tom Deschere.  

Tom worked at La Belle Epoque before going on to be a well known wine buyer in the region. He may not be an officially certified sommelier....yet, but he hasn't steered me wrong on the many recommendations he's provided over the years. Check out his FB page.

Check out his great run-down of wine suggestions for Thanksgiving.  Thanks, Tom!


  1. Tom is the BEST hands down.

  2. Tom knows his wines no doubt about it he is the best