Monday, November 4, 2013

Media's Public Safety will depend on who's elected Mayor!

Body found in park 2011
Back in 2011 on August 29th we had a very serious and unfortunate tragedy occur in the borough which entailed the discovery of a body found on fire at Houtman Park.  I reported on the matter in addition to the at approximately 3:36pm.  This is not something that happens in Media which naturally left the community not only shocked, but searching for direction and the reasons behind this.  Throughout the afternoon, speculation continued to swirl from people who were looking for answers from both me and on social media.  Frantic residents were also beginning to worry at the thought that there may have been someone else involved with this death and could still be at large. It was late afternoon Monday when schools were letting out, it was a very tense time for some.

At 6:19pm I posted an update with information provided by the regarding the investigation, but it still did not confirm the cause of death.  Suicide was speculated, but at the time could not be confirmed.  It also didn't make a whole lot of sense as to how someone could commit suicide and then be found on fire - Nobody knew!

I'll Take Media's Safety Seriously
At 7:17pm, having heard from many residents, I formally requested a statement on the matter from Media Borough Council which should have been addressed by Head of Public Saftey, Mayor Bob McMahon.    As serious and unusual this tragedy was; it should have been handled proactively and immediately.  That's leadership!  Not only was it not, it never was by Mayor Bob McMahon.   People had to wait for an updated Daily Times article the next day to understand the reason which was confirmed to be suicide.

As a resident of this community I did more to update this town on this issue than our own head of safety did, Mayor Bob McMahon.  Unfortunately, Mayor McMahon had no plan that day and it affected the community.   It's time for a change and it's time to elect a leader who will actually step up deal with our issues head on.  Not having a plan for Third St Bridge, traffic signals and economic investment in this town is one thing, and something Mayor McMahon has refused to discuss this election; but not having a plan for Media's safety is unacceptable!

Tedman O'Hara
Candidate for Mayor of Media


  1. You've made some good points, but can handle the parades and car shows so we don't miss a beat? Can you bring the special events? Do you have the connections? Let's get a big time testimonial (not U.P.). Let's get an endorsement. You can do it!

  2. The man killed himself in Houtman Park, which is in UPPER PROVIDENCE Township. Media's mayor should not have commented on what was at the time an on-going investigation by the UPPER PROVIDENCE Police Department. I understand what you were trying to demonstrate in your post, but you got this one wrong.