Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why your School Board Vote on Tuesday is More Important Than You Think

The Rose Tree Media School Board plays a big role for our communities and is a contributing factor for why families choose to move and stay here.  As a kid, it certainly was for my family who weighed that decision and trusted that the schools here in Rose Tree Media would be of the highest quality.  And now as a taxpayer, just as important.  Recently Philly Magazine illustrated just how important a great school district is in an article they did in 2011 about Upper Providence being one of the best places to live in the region - RTMSD had a lot to do with that!

Here in Media, we had an issue last year that involved Media Elementary being relocated due to structural issues with the building at Monroe and State Street.  As upsetting and concerning that was for many families, we had a superintendent and school board that stepped in, developed a road-map to proceed and executed on a plan that had virtually no issues.  That's no easy feat and what could have been Media's BIGGEST problem, turned out to not even be one. 

As a taxpayer who covers a lot of issues in town, is a product of RTM and is very active in the Penncrest Alumni Association; my support on election day goes to Linda Fox, Harry Postles, Tracey Brown-Barusevicius and Nancy Mackrides.

Rose Tree Media School District has the third lowest tax rate among Delaware County Schools (

 School board member responsible for insuring Quality Education. Rose Tree Media ranks 13th out of 553 school districts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Rose Tree Media School District: 
An Exceptional Record of Achievement
  • Nationally recognized faculty with 4 “Teacher of the Year” candidates over a 2-year period.
  • Successfully negotiated 7 labor agreements 
  • Completed Springton Lake Middle School construction with minimum impact to taxpayers
  • Addressed serious structural issues and student relocation at Media Elementary School
  • Implemented advanced technology program for all secondary grades
  • Received a 'clean' state level audit of finances and compliance with state regulations and procedures
  • Moved towards further standardization of grade level curriculums
  • Energy saving initiatives in transportation and building utilization with a dedicated approach to conservation of the environment
  • First school board in the nation to pass a resolution to commit to the purchase and use of Fair Trade products
  • Expanding arts and sports programs

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