Friday, December 6, 2013

A Media Tradition - Bevan's Own Make Candy EST 1959

I can't think of anything chocolate doesn't go with.  I'd probably say beer and chocolate are a little awkward, but others may argue to the contrary.  Beer has its own following and chocolate may even have a bigger one.  Ok, so maybe chocolate is the perfect food which means Media, PA is a very lucky town.  Perhaps not on par with a town named after its famous chocolate like Hersey, PA; but we have our own Media MADE chocolate and candies by Bevan's Own Make Candy.

If you're looking for small gifts for family, friends, the office or just to have candy on hand for visitors; look no further than Bevan's Candy.  This Christmas season's batch is excellent.  If you haven't tried their many varieties, especially their caramel sea salt chocolates, then get on down there to see and TASTE what you're missing.

This is a family run business that has been making candy since 1959.  They haven't forgotten how important the community is either.  Bevan's candy has been contributing their candy to many charitable causes throughout the area.  I recently saw Randy Bevan and team sharing his expertise and candies at just such an event. 

Keep up the great work!  Media appreciates Bevan's!


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