Sunday, December 8, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - Snow Way!

Media in Two Minutes

It very rarely happens, but last weekend was the first time in maybe a year I didn't write "Media in Two Minutes."  I was certainly asked about the omission, but the real reason was because I was sick and not able to get my act together last Sunday.

Today we have snow in the forecast along with the 7-5 Eagles taking on Megatron and the Detroit Lions.  Let the Christmas season begin!

Ok, let's go!

Two things I have a great admiration for:  A good cup of coffee and a hand written letter.  I have horrible hand writing, but I take great pleasure in writing and receiving hand written correspondence.  A lost art some would say, but still alive and well for those who understand the underlying importance.  

Readers here at ATM comment, text, email, show up on my front porch and bristle with talking points when they have the chance to challenge me on State Street.  I love it all, I truly do.  But when someone writes me a letter, I can't help but appreciate the time it takes to do something like that (write it, buy a stamp, mail it, etc.) It's the epitomie of AUTHENTICITY. Last week I received such a letter from a couple who wanted me to know how much they enjoy this blog.  WOW!  So, Stan and his wife get this week's ATM spotlight.  That's pretty cool and I will get in touch with you.

Media Warez - Everybody's Hometown
Every year I'm asked this seasonal question and this year it's no different.  For those who enjoy wearing "Media Everybody's Hometown" apparel and providing it as gifts; my best recommendation is to stop by and see Drew Arata at Earth and State to see where you can pick up these items. You can get them at the borough hall by the police station, but I'm not sure there is any website to purchase online.

To my surprise, someone was selling these shirts on EBAY.  EBAY?  Media is missing a lucrative market by not having these readily available online during this time, or anytime of year.

Vacancies on State Street
As I've mentioned in the past, it's never pleasant to announce the closing/relocation of businesses on State Street.  One in particular was Starry Eyed Optical that recently moved to 3 E. Baltimore Pike. I thought they had some of the best window displays around.  In fact, I photographed a few displays they had and posted to this site.  

What happens from here is anyone's guest regarding the property.  This is a great store front, with a very good location on State Street.  We'll see what becomes of it.

Media's Strangest Place
Forgotten Cemetery in Media
A lot of people don't know about this place and probably fewer have ever stood foot on its ground, but Media has a very old burial site (Old like 1704, old!) located on Providence Rd very close to the five points intersection.  Other than a few extremely weathered tombstones and a plaque by the stone steps, there isn't much that designates this as cemetery.  I'm not sure who if anyone oversees this plot or its upkeep, but it just strikes me as a peculiar that has been essentially forgotten.

One interesting note is that the plaque states that 12th President of the US, Zachary Taylor's ancestors are buried here.

Santa Comes to Media
Not sure how last week's visit by Santa went, but I'm interested to hear more about it.  I heard both good and not so good comments, but would like to open up the topic for discussion.  If it was good, great, if you have something to contribute to making it better, please speak up.

How Media Got Its Name
I never knew this sign existed probably because I never paid attention enough, but on Orange Street down by the train station there is one very old and very authentic cast iron sign that explains who gave Media its name.  I have no idea how long this sign has been here, but I'll guess decades.  I don't know if this is one of a kind or other signs exist throughout Media.

Chiropractic Skills
One of my favorite, if not often overused jokes goes something like this:  I guy walks into a bar and complains he has a weak back.  The bartender, showing compassion asks, "well, how long have you had it?"  The reply, "Oh, about a a week back!"  Ok, jokes aside, if you do have back problems there is none better than Dr. Amoia who runs Hometown Wellness on State Street.  He started about 14 years ago and the reason how I know that is that I was there the very first month they opened.  There have been years I haven't gone, but it's good to know he's around. How good is he?  Let's just say you have to make an an appoiintment well in advance.

Deals, Deals, Deals
This Christmas season don't forget to stop in and see Deals on State Street. Whatever you could possibly need, they have.   From a can of soup, to decorations, to automotive products and beyond.  In fact, I don't think I've ever walked out of Deals without finding something that I needed.  It's the go-to shop for everything, especially when you turn-on the Christmas lights and find that one bulb segment not working.  

Why a great school district is important and why RTMSD gets it.
I'm really struggling with how to make something as ordinary as a local school board and district interesting in the eyes of the community, but hear me out.  What I do in between weekends entails researching and developing some of the most cutting edge technolgy in the world.  What we're bring to market early next year is something Netflix, Google or even Appple couldn't come close to pulling off.  Part of my responsibilities include working and managing teams throughout the world to make that happen, mostly to validate a proof of concept. The development is actually done in the US.

The point here is that of the 42 countries that we have participate, there is only one that dominates and that's China.  They are developing the best algorithms in the world, which are the underpinnings to a lot of data calls and process reasoning for software- exotic stuff.  To a lesser extent, South East Asia is becoming well known for graphic user interface design.

These are real world scenarios that illustrate the importance of our local education and how crucial it is for students to be able to compete in a world economy.  Next time you hear or read something about the Rose Tree Media, take some time to think about it.  RTMSD continues to do great things with a Superintendent and board that I think we're very fortunate to have. 


  1. While Starry Eyed Optical has left State St., they haven't closed. Their Facebook page shows that they moved to 3 E Baltimore Pike.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. It's been updated.

  3. Hallmark sells the Media shirts.

  4. I posted this previously but thought I would repost it here....

    They should have taken the group up on the offer of $5000 for Santa's arrival. I felt like it was a total mess this year. Seemed haphazard and poorly planned. From the random Star Wars guys wandering around to the fact that no one knew where the heck Santa went after he showed up on the firetruck (we found him at the fire station with absolutely no one in line waiting for him since no one knew where he went) and how you could barely hear what was being said on the microphone and even though they put lights on by the courthouse this year, they failed to go on at first try and were underwhelming when they did go on. Bring Santa back to State street and get this festive occasion a little more organized!