Thursday, January 16, 2014

Restaurant Week Coming to Media? Scheduled for Last Week of February 2014

Media to host a Restaurant Week
There are plans in the works to bring a restaurant event to Media, PA. Essentially, it'll be known as Media's "Restaurant Week." If you're familiar with the concept, you'll know Philadelphia has one which is coming up this month.  I don't expect Media's to charge Philly prices and be as expensive as 3 course for $30-$35, but it's expected to be modeled after that format.

Media's event is looking to be schedule for the last week of February, from Sunday to Friday. Saturday will not be included in the lineup.  The idea came about to give an economic "bump" to an otherwise slow time of the season.  

How does this work in other towns? Here's an example of a "restaurant week" that is held on the Main Line, which is scheduled for this spring.  They also have their own Facebook page, too.

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