Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The "New" Rose Tree Inn - A Great Place to Re-visit

A few months back the Rose Tree Inn quietly came under new ownership.  You may have seen the new logo out front or maybe heard the news from around town.  Either way, I wanted to give this place high marks for an event I had there recently. I liked it before, but really like it now.

The food was great, service exceptional and the price very reasonable for a party of about 20 people. With a private room and fireplace, even the guest were quite impressed with the setup.  If you're looking to host a private party with 15, 20 or more guests, this is a tremendous value that's easy to get to and has plenty of parking.  They also have a special banquet menu that I highly recommend.

Thanks to the staff at Rose Tree Inn!

Also, well known and well liked local bartender Lauren Ashenfelter Dinger will be working there for the day shift.


  1. Plenty of parking plus it's free parking. No meters to deal with.

  2. This place is amazing! Food is delicious, craft beer selection and classic cocktails - it's all very Mad Men! On Friday nights they have a talented singer who can do contemporary and great American songbook stuff. She can play anything. I am so glad we found it. Oh, and when you go try the tempura battered lobster tail app, served over arugula with a citrus vinegarette. Woah! So good.

  3. We've been there twice since it came under new ownership (we hadn't been there before then). I have to say the food both times was really good, but they still have some work to do with their service. First time, we had a new server and he got a couple things wrong and then they were out of one of the items my husband wanted to order (it was 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday night). The second time our food took over 45 minutes to come out (and we have small kids who are not patient)! Neither time (both Saturdays) were they very busy at all. I really like the food and the atmosphere and hope they succeed, but they need to step up their overall service if they are going to make it.