Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cold Weather - Why Kerosene is Mightier than Media's Power Grid

There's no smartphone app for kerosene, but it works
Hi Tech is all the rage these days with home automation solutions becoming the norm in many households.  I’m probably guilty of being an early adopter of this kind of technology, but it’s essentially what I do for a living so I can justify it in some respect.  And besides, I like it.   Heating, lighting, smoke alarms and other home controls can all be monitored and run from my smartphone. Heck, I even have lights in my living room change color to let me know it’s about to rain or snow outside….and that’s just the beginning of what can be done with these things.  Wait till you see what can be done with cars!

One vulnerability to all this technology, whether useful or useless, is the fact that once the electricity goes out, Hi Tech solutions aren't worth a tempie photo on Facebook (tempie is a selfie, but a pic of your thermometer and not of yourself.)  If you live in Media, you’ll know that when the wind speed rises above 20mph, there’s a good chance the power will go out for some duration.  With temperatures near zero last night and strong gusts almost all night long, I’m was actually surprised I didn’t wake up to a loss of electricity, as I have before.  But if I did, I was going to implement my “low tech” plan that hasn’t failed yet – Kerosene!

Call me retro, call me backwards or even call me cheap, but I still use kerosene heaters to heat a few rooms in my house.  At times it’s a chore and can smell a bit, but it’s very reliable and cost effective.  I don’t think there are many kerosene users out there, but if you’re looking for it, the closest place I know is Liberty gas station in Boothwyn off of Rt. 322.  10 gals. is about $42  Don’t use the dyed(red) kerosene you can get almost anywhere, It’ll cause problems.

With no electricity, Hi Tech isn’t cool, it’s flat out cold!

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  1. Clear K-1 kerosene is clear and subject to a 24.9 cent tax because it is designated for road use. Red dyed kerosene as long as it is K-1 should be fine in your heater. The only problem with the red dyed kerosene is that it is more difficult to see contaminants.