Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What Sells in Media? A Memorable Experience

The product or service you purchase and the price paid for it definitely makes a difference, but I find the authenticity of the experience  to be just as important.  Last weekend my barber was away, so I swung over to see if Robertson's Barber shop could fit me in.  It was a rainy Saturday,  but I’ve been to this shop before and knew the wait couldn’t be too long.  Upon entering, Mark told me he had a few people before me,  but asked if I could wait.  Not being in any rush, I looked around and said, “sure, by the way, I like what your doing with the place.”
Robertson's Barber Shop on N. Olive St.

If you haven’t been to this barber shop, you may want to give it a try.  Even though I waited for probably 30 minutes, I honestly enjoyed hanging out in what is more like a lounge, than a place were you would get your haircut – That’s cool!  Nice retro sofas, great music and a lively discussion among all those who walked in.  It almost felt like a social club of sorts and had it had drinks and cigars, I may have stayed the whole afternoon.  I liked the vibe of the place and thought the experience really made this business stand out and memorable.

Another business in Media that also gets this authenticity is Bryn Mawr Running Company on State Street.  I don't buy running shoes every year, but when I do, it’s from this company.  They have a nice layout, great products and knowledgeable staff whose expertise has really helped me out with running.  In fact, sometimes I just go in there for inspiration because that’s what the place projects.  

Advertising for small businesses is important, but word or mouth and an unique authenticity is incredibly valuable.

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