Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Important Ruling on Third Street Bridge Expected May 9th 2014

18 Years of Non-sense from Media Elected Officials
After 18 years, Media may be on the verge of a decision regarding the future of the third street bridge repair.  May 9th is the the expected court decision from Judge Proud.

There's a very good chance the determination comes down to one of two scenarios:  1) It's built as a two-way roadway.  2) It's built to Penndot's specification of a two-way roadway, but is legislated as a one-way street.

There's still questions as to whether the financing for this project is still available from the state, and if Media will be found in contempt of court of the original ruling.  Both of which could be costly to Media taxpayers.

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  1. This whole situation steams me! When the Media solicitor was asked what was the status of the funding, a resounding 'we don't know' is not an answer in the best interest of this community. Yes, the road will have to be constructed to PennDot specs regarding two way vehicular traffic, but the morons who run Media have said (in council meetings) that PennDot does not 'allow' one way yields to incoming traffic (as in the ones on Ridley Crk Rd in UPT, and in MIddletown over by Fair Acres). This is bull - if the boro wanted to erect a yield to oncoming traffic to allow one way AT A TIME it is allowable. Boro council just continues to dig their heels (and their heads!) in to accommodate the desires of the Taliban (oops, FROGs) instead of considering a realistic, cost effective and above all SAFE option for two way traffic.
    All of this nonsense since 2011 can be squarely placed at the feet of Media Council. How can the voters of Media be so out of touch with reality? Do you people just not care? Oh that's right, you do care - about .64 acres of dead trees. Unbelievable.