Sunday, April 6, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Last Week's Penncrest Play - Little Shop of Horrors
My experience, and at the time, interest of high school plays didn't go much farther than the after-parties I was invited to as a student.  Boy, have I missed a lot.  I was able to attend last Sunday's showing of Penncrest's Little Shop of Horror's and can say I was utterly impressed.  The singing, performance, staging and sets were AMAZING.  It's too bad this ran only one weekend, because it was that good.

A tremendous thanks to Penncrest for putting this show on.  I've never seen anything like that before.

Playball!  Barrall field is now OPEN!
Thanks to all those who worked towards getting Barrall field back in playing shape.  A special thanks to Borough Manager, Jeff Smith and team who did a great job of staying on top of this. 

Local Lady Blogs from Paris
They say there is no place better than Paris in the springtime, however I'll  take St. Tropez in the Summer anytime.  Either way, there is a local girl who will be spending some time in Paris this Spring and is sharing the experience through her blog.  Check it out. 

Permafrost at Penncrest?
Heard a report that at least one game was cancelled last week due to problems with Penncrest fields draining properly.  I'm told It appears there may be a level of permafrost that is causing the problem. 

What a Mayor should do!
Unlike Mayor Bob McMahon, local mayors in this county routinely give what's called a "state of affairs" for their municipalities.  Here's one reported on featuring Upper Darby's Mayor, Thomas Micozzie.  This basically highlights the achievements of the year prior, as well as, a roadmap of issues, challenges and projects that the community can be aware of in the coming year.  

It's too bad Media is continuously left in the dark about what is important to this mayor and borough council.  Wawa?  A Hotel?  Third Street Bridge?  Olive Street Parking Garage?  Parking Meters? The list goes on and on.

Brookhaven Knows Social Media!
Kudos to Brookhaven municipality for using social media to alert their community of the recent incident involving razor blade found taped to playground equipment.  People were made aware of this in minutes, than waiting hours to hear it reported in the news.  They also effectively used their borough website to explain the matter and provide details of what was being done.

Business Opportunity Development is Time Well Spent
I'd like to recognize C-City Blogger, Stefan Roots for bringing awareness to business opportunities Delaware County communities should be aware of.  I wasn't able to make the meeting I saw on Stefan's blog, but the write-up seems quite comprehensive and encouraging of the opportunities this state has with the vast reserves of natural gas. 

Parking Meters - Here's an Idea:
Here's how one community leverages the use of communicating via their parking meters.  I still like the kiosk idea, but the brief messaging like "Free Parking" really is helpful.

Transportation Bill Details
If you're looking to see the details of the transportation bill that recently passed, and what that means for the area, check up the write-up by


  1. Bethlehem has parking meters with these displays. Knowing when parking is free is extremely helpful especially when you are not familiar with the area.

  2. Real good work by the borough getting the sinkhole fixed at Barrall. I had heard it might not be ready until May even June maybe.

  3. Let's have a blogologue about repairs to an underground pipe or whatever it was. Like you have all the information they had and the experience to do a better job. Please. Give it a rest.

  4. You really should have paid attention to all of the plays and musicals that Penncrest has performed. They are all excellent! Perhaps this lack of gathering facts is true of some other views that you have.