Saturday, April 5, 2014

Springton Lake Middle School Competes in National Geographic Bee

Did you know?.....
Springton Lake Middle School 8th grader Helen Barsz competed in the National Geographic Bee yesterday in Harrisburg. Helen won her school bee at Springton Lake, and then had to take a qualifying exam. Only the top 100 scores got to go to the state bee and Helen qualified for the state competition and was invited to today's competition.

In Harrisburg, the contestants were broken up into 5 groups of 20 where they competed for 8 rounds. Helen made it 7 rounds before she finally got one wrong. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to advance to the final round. Helen's mom Maria Wanenchak said, "It was really nerve-racking! Even the parents were on edge, shaking their chairs, rubbing their temples, closing their eyes, wringing their hands... it was really intense!"

15 students overall got all 8 questions right. Then they whittled those down to 10 then 2 then 1. The girl who won was from West Chester and this was the 5th time she had made it to the state bee. She will now go to DC to compete in the national bee.

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